Biaggi & Aprilia Redemption at Assen?

2011 World Superbike

For World Superbike, Assen is not just any race. You can tell straight away as soon as you ride out onto the Dutch track which has thousands of WSBK fans lined up alongside, often arriving astride the street version of the same bike they have come to watch flying around the historic TT Circuit.

The great passion which breathes life into the Grand Prix cannot help but provide a little extra push for reigning World Superbike Champion Max Biaggi, ready for redemption after the unfortunate performance in Donington to confirm his competitiveness and that of his Aprilia Alitalia RSV4.

For Leon Camier this is also a “special” World Superbike race; last year, right here at Assen, the young English rider earned his first podium in his World Superbike adventure aboard the Aprilia RSV4.

As in the previous WSBK race at Donington, the weather will play an important role. In fact, based on the forecasts it could turn out to be a wet weekend, although the instability of spring weather prohibits any accurate prediction. In any case the two races on Sunday, as always, will be exciting.

Max Biaggi (Aprilia RSV4) says: “Last year we had a few problems here mostly during Superpole, although I must say that I like this track. Compared to last season I expect to be more competitive right from the start.

“It will be important to work well during practice in order to be as prepared as possible for the two races on Sunday. Especially if it rains, it is vital that we start out front. We lost a few points in the first two races, so here at Assen we need to aim for the best possible results. I’m starting off motivated, with a great desire to get back on the bike and experience the weekend at Assen to its fullest.”

Leon Camier
(Aprilia RSV4) says: “I had my first World Superbike podium there last year so it holds some good memories. It’s a really physical circuit so I don’t know how I’ll hold up, but I’m doing everything I can to try and score another couple of strong results. Keith Code from the California Superbike School is coming to help me again.

“His input at Donington Park was invaluable so it’s a boost to know he’ll be there. Throughout the last race weekend I struggled towards the end of every session with fatigue so I’ve also got my trainer coming.”