2011 Honda CB1000R | Wallpaper

Honda Wallpaper

The stunning 2011 Honda CB1000R motorcycle packs exhilarating liter-class supersport performance into a compact and muscular-looking form. (European model colors shown here.)

The Honda CB1000R delivers breathtaking acceleration, responsive handling that is simply invigorating at every twist of its throttle.

For 2011 the CB1000R has been refreshed and updated to enhance its image as one of the most exciting and well-designed naked performance motorcycle on the road.

The Honda CB1000R receives a new thicker aluminum handlebar that gives an improved feel. Treated with a gold alumite surface, it also adds to the motorcycle's focused looks.

A new LED position light updates the distinctive front lighting array, and a new European Tricolour version with gold wheels (U.S. model is Pearl Black) projects a sportbike image.

The compact, lightweight Honda 998cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline-4 engine is tuned for dynamic low-to-mid-range performance. Magnesium cylinder head and ACG covers help reduce engine weigh on the CB 1000 R.

Honda Combined-ABS version features 3-piston front brake calipers and advanced Anti-lock Brake System for extra assurance in all braking situations.

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