Imola SBK: Max Biaggi T-Shirt Explained

Biaggi T-Shirt

When Max Biaggi stepped onto the podium shortly after winning the 2010 Superbike World Championship, he was wearing a special T-shirt to celebrate the win, as in traditional, time-honored fashion.

This time round however Biaggi’s commemorative World SBK T-shirt was a little bit different to the others as, in addition to the 5 stars on the front (for four 250cc MotoGP and one WSBK title), on the back it also had a list of 10 reasons, thought of by the Italian himself, of why he is now the proud holder of 5 world motorcycle racing titles.

For the benefit of our english speaking superbike fans, here is the translation of Max Biaggi’s 10 reasons:

  1. I’ve been chasing a fifth star for a long time;
  2. I am the first Italian in SBK history to win the world title;
  3. I am the first Italian to win a 250cc GP world championship with an Italian bike (Aprilia) and I wanted to be the first Italian to win in SBK with an Italian bike (Aprilia);
  4. I have the hottest chick as my companion, and this helps! (Ed. referring to his current companion
  5. Eleonora Pedron, ex-Miss Italia);
  6. Enzo Ferrari was wrong, in a big way… (Ed. referring to the F1 constructor, who famously said “When a driver becomes a father, he loses one second a lap”);
  7. I will never stop thanking Ducati for their refusal to sign me in 2009;
  8. Aprilia and Piaggio are my second family;
  9. Becoming a father has given me exceptional motivation;
  10. At well past 39 years of age I can still keep everyone else in line;
  11. I owed it to all my fans and the Italians.