Motorcycle Racing News MotoCzysz E1PC Delivers the Goods

MotoCzysz E1PC Delivers the Goods

E1PC Wins Again

The summer of fun may have finally arrived for Michael Czysz from Portland, Oregon. Originally boasted as the bike that would put American Superbikes alongside the most innovative in the world, the promise of the original Moto Czysz C1 990 was never fully realized.

But with the advent on electrics, and little room for hot air in zero-emissions, the superbike promise is now back on track.

Back in 2006 on the eve of the 2006 Red Bull US MotoGP, MotoCzysz began accepting deposits for 50 limited edition replica versions of the C1 factory race bikes that had been unveiled the same weekend.

The non-street legal replica C1 was to share many of the same specs as the factory C1 race bike, including carbon fiber frame and subframe, 6X Flex front suspension, DUO rear suspension, and of course the longitudinal, twin crank, triple overhead cam, 990 Z-Line 4 engine.

With horsepower figures of 200+ and weighing less than 375lbs, the replica C1 was a stunning example of America’s ability to produce a world-class race bike. The limited edition superbikes that were offered at $100,000, were to be delivered in early 2007.

In 2007 Michael Czysz was quoted as saying, “the bike has come a long way over the off season, and I am starting to really enjoy riding it.” And we at Robb Report Motorcycling (now Ultimate MotorCycling) had awarded MotoCzysz with a 2007 Achievement in Design Award for the creation of the MotoCzysz 07 C1 990.

Over the next few years, we heard about more tests and journalist riding the bike but no hard facts of actual production or customer deliveries. In September of 2009 we caught up with Michael Czysz for an exclusive video interview where he discuss his new plans to build an electric superbike.

Working a tight schedule, Michael Czysz prepared a beautiful electric superbike for the 2009 Isle of Man TT and after crating the work of art, it land on the Island ready to be piloted by American road racer Mark Miller. The zero-emission bike performed well but unfortunately broke and was not able to finish the inaugural ’09 zero-emissions TT race.

Fast forward to the 2010 IoM TT and MotoCzysz narrowly missed out on recording the first 100 mph lap by an electric bike at the Isle of Man TT races. His E1PC motorcycle, ridden by again Californian Mark Miller, lapped the iconic IoM mountain course in a time of 23 minutes 22.89 seconds to take the honors in the TT Zero race.

Michael narrowly missed out on a £10,000 prize that was put up by the Isle of Man Government for the first team to record a 100 mph lap.

The impressive 2010 Zero TT results were as follows:

  1. Mark Miller MotoCzysz E1PC / MotoCzysz 23 22.89 96.820 Silver
  2. Robert Barber Agni / AGNI Racing 25 21.19 89.290 Bronze
  3. James McBride Man TTX / Man TTX Racing 25 32.13 88.653 Bronze
  4. Jennifer Tinmouth Agni / AGNI Racing 25 39.50 88.228 Bronze
  5. George Spence Peter Williams / Kingston University 34 59.19 64.70

As well, the MotoCzysz E1PC collected a number of motorcycling records:

  1. New track record – 23:820 (96.820 mph avg.)
  2. Fastest sector time – (every sector)
  3. Fastest through Sulby straight – 135 mph
  4. Fastest recorded overall top speed – 140 mph
  5. Fastest over the grandstand finish line – 122 mph

After winning the 2010 IoM TT Zero, the MotoCzysz E1PC repeated by winning the first FIM (Federation Internationale Motocyclisme) e-Power race held in the United States during the Laguna Seca MotoGP race weekend.

The e-Power race was part of the Red Bull US Grand Prix World Championship series. It was the first time most MotoGP racing fans had witness an electric motorcycle on circuit.

To everyone’s surprise, the e-Power race provided one of the exciting last laps of the entire weekend. This time it was lead Skip Barber Superbike School Instructor and MotoCzysz founder Michael Czysz piloting the zero-emissions E1PC.

He made a pass after the final corner, on the last lap, for the win, while setting a new Laguna Seca electric motorcycle track record of 1’44.496.

Delivering on the promise, MotoCzysz earlier in the year announced the most integrated electric drive available for zero superbikes. The first product from a family of integrated drives being developed by MotoCzysz, it was designed and engineered specifically for high performance electric motorcycles.

The so-called eDD (electric D1g1tal Dr1ve system) integrates advanced technologies with new proprietary industry solutions. The units are being offers to racer, teams and manufacturers interested in building a high performance electric motorcycle. As promised, MotoCzysz is delivering the goods.

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