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Misano World Superbike Race One: Max Biaggi took his seventh win of the season in race 1, finally overtaking long time leader Troy Corser and then proving able to hold off Carlso Checa's Ducati in the final laps.

Checa was second, Corser third, the top three veteran riders covered by only 0.822 seconds at the flag.

Misano World Superbike Race Two: Biaggi was in unbeatable form in race two, surviving some hard early passing moves by his main rivals to get clear of the pack and push on to win, easing up across the line, by 4.095 seconds.

Haslam was a committed second after changing his machine and rear tire as he attempted to halt Biaggi's championship surge. Fabrizio returned to some of his best form by going third, holding off the determined Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda).

Max Biaggi says: "I'm obviously happy with this victory. Especially because I didn't expect it and because doing so well in Italy, in front of our supporters has a very special flavour for us. The conditions are difficult because of the lack of grip. Already after five or six laps I started to "drift". After overtaking Troy I tried to push as hard as possible because I saw that the times were still high, but I couldn't shake him or Checa because the risk for mistakes was too high."

Biaggi continued: "In such a tough and well balanced championship, all of the victories are earned with hard work and sweat. In race 2, to be honest, maybe I rode... pushing the envelope a bit, maybe even risking too much. But on the other hand, without risk there is no gain! This race represents a crucial moment for us and for our season we are coming out with our heads held high. As always I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart: from the guys on the team to our supporters. Victories like this never happen by chance and these ones in particular are well deserved by a large family which works together toward a common goal"

Carlos Checa says: "I felt we had a good chance here, we've been working very hard. Tyres with hotter temperatures mean that the race is not the same for all the riders, but we stayed quicker throughout the race and it was a very close battle with Max at the end, but not close enough and I had to settle for second."

Troy Corser says: "I got another good start and dropped back inside Max to get the lead. The track was really slippery compared to this morning, so it took a few laps to get a feel for the tyre and get a good rhythm. I made a mistake and Max came past, I tried a bit too hard and that was about it for me. It was positive all the same because we managed to stay in front for a good while."

Leon Haslam says: "We have had a tough weekend and after the first race eighth was the best we could have done because we had a few issues. The team came up trumps for me in race two and we finished in second place behind Max in race two. Second is never good for me behind Max as he is the championship leader but today we will take it."

Haslam continued: "After the issues we've had this weekend to do with the clutch and electronics, I thought that 8th in race one was probably the best we'd get this weekend. But, all credit to the team - because they went back to a setting that we used in USA and South Africa - the bike was much better in the second race. Race two felt like normal and the bike felt a million times better than race one, but I've got so many blisters on my hands because I was trying so hard. I took a lap or two too long to pass Troy Corser and Michel Fabrizio in the second race and by then Max was too far ahead to catch.

"Max is riding well and the Aprilia is currently the package to beat, but I'm confident that - as long as we all work hard - we can beat him. We do all our own development work and it's because of all the hard work that we are competitive. I'm going to keeping fighting for more podiums; that was my aim before the season began, and it's still the same now."

Sylvain Guintoli says: "Well this has been a pretty good weekend for me and I feel I am now becoming a better Superbike rider. This Championship is so competitive that you have to be right on your game in every practice, qualifying and race and it's not something that comes easily - it requires a lot of work, from me and the team. That's not say that we have not been working hard up to now, because we have been working hard. It's just that WSBK is different to BSB and I have to work in a different way.

"Today, I had a better feeling with the bike in race one, but funnily enough my lap times were better in race two! The good news though, is that today I had the podium-pace and I really enjoyed my racing. Now, I just need to keep this feeling up and be even more competitive next time. Next up is Brno. It is a track I know and like a lot, so I am expecting a lot."

Michel Fabrizio says: "It was very hard today; in race 1 I couldn't have done any more, I pusher until the end and had to be happy with fourth. In Race 2 we didn't win but we got on the podium which is nevertheless a good result. It wasn't at all easy and once Max got past me there was no way I was going to be able to stick with him; instead I had to do everything to hold on to third, with Crutchlow pushing all the way. I dedicate the podium to my team as my technicians work so hard every week and continue to believe in me. I will continue to give 100% in the next rounds and we hope Brno, a track that's traditionally favoured the two Roman riders, brings me good results."

Fabrizio continued: "In the second race we didn't win but we got on the podium, which is a good result. It wasn't easy and once Max passed me, I had no chance of counterattacking him, and I had to do everything possible to hold onto third place with Crutchlow behind me. I'd like to dedicate the podium to my team because every week my engineers are working hard and continuing to believe in me".

Noriyuki Haga says: "In Race 1 the level of grip seemed to improve after the first few laps and I had better feeling but it was difficult to catch Haslam, I was having trouble braking, going into the corners. In the end I got past Haslam to finish seventh but I had hoped to do better. In race 2 I used my other bike, with a similar set up but just a different front fork. Feeling improved but I still wasn't happy with the traction; then I made a couple of small mistakes and, once I lost ground, it was almost impossible to make it back up. I'm hopeful we can do better at Brno, a track I enjoy."

Troy Corser says: "I am really happy with the way this weekend has gone. It has been our team's best performance so far, with our first ever pole position and a podium finish in race 1. But at the same time I am also a little disappointed because I felt we had the pace to win both races today. In the first race I felt comfortable leading the race, and had it not been for a mistake towards the end of the race I think I would have finished second or even first. It was just a case of trying a little too hard. In race 2 we made some slight changes to the setup to give more grip to the rear wheel, but this meant we lost some feeling from the front tyre and this affected the handling of the bike. Unfortunately at the end of the race I hit a false neutral on the down change before Tramonto which meant I missed my brake point, forcing me into the gravel."

Ruben Xaus says: "This was a day to forget. It started with the technical problem we had in race 1. After the start of the second race I braked hard into the corner but was hit by another rider moving me out. I managed to stay on the bike but at the next direction change I was again hit hard by another rider crashing into my left leg. Again, I stayed on the bike but really felt a bad pain in the leg, which made my muscles react very slowly. I started missing the gears, and very soon I missed a gear in the corner, and my knee hit the tarmac heavily. I lost my knee pad, and that was it. I will now try to recover for the tests in Imola."

Berthold Hauser says: "Congratulations to the entire team. Everybody has done a great job over the course of the weekend, and we were rewarded. It was a weekend with ups and downs, but the positive side outbalances the negative side: We took our first ever pole position, got another podium finish, and lap time wise we are up to speed. I feel really sorry for Ruben and his crew - this weekend luck was not on his side. But that's racing, and we will not hang our heads. I am happy with everyone's efforts over the weekend."

Leon Camier says: "A shame about the problems we had in race 2. I probably stressed the clutch too much at the start so I had output problems for the entire race. I pressed forward battling for the whole race with poor power management. In those conditions I just kept losing time. Really a shame because in race 1, which I was very happy with, I had a good result and demonstrated that in spite of the difficulties during the tests we were able to do a good job. OK... now we'll go to Brno hoping to learn from our team's experience on that track".

Cal Crutchlow says: "I had an ok start in race two, but got beaten up a bit in the first corner on the first lap and basically had to recover from then on. I was disappointed to lose out to Fabrizio at the end, I just lost a bit of drive out of the corner and he managed to get back under me. To come here and do the race pace we did at these grip levels was incredible, hopefully we can make some improvements at this week's Imola test and be even better. Race one was a stupid mistake, I had a full tank of fuel and just pushed the front a bit too hard trying to catch the front runners and lost the front, but I think I redeemed myself in race two."

James Toseland says: "What can you say, another tough weekend. I've got the pace when the tyre grip is good but just find it difficult when losing the grip on the bike to keep with the other bikes coming off the corners. We need to work hard on this area as it's so important. We'll meet about it tonight, if we can improve that it'll be a big help. The time I'm losing on the corners to the others means I have to keep catching up on the brakes which means pushing the front, which is why I crashed in the second. Brno is a little bit faster and flowing so if we can keep the revs high we shouldn't have too many problems."

Massimo Meregalli says: "After the test last week we were expecting better results. By Friday we realised this weekend was going to be tougher than we thought. Cal did a good job in the second race, although unfortunately he crashed in the first. He didn't have the best start in the second and he was pushing really hard to catch the front pack. Unfortunately this meant he destroyed his rear tyre which meant at the end the rear grip was suffering but he pushed to the line for fourth. James had a difficult weekend, for sure starting from the fourth row is always hard. He did what he could and unfortunately he didn't finish the second race due to a crash. Fortunately he is not hurt. Tuesday and Wednesday we will go to Imola to test and hopefully we can fix some of the issues we have."

Carlos Checa says: "I'm happy with the podium of course and incredibly I was the youngest on it! After America we needed a race like this, that one of my technicians felt was the longest race of the season. Race 2 was great but I didn't obtain the same result unfortunately. Crutchlow and Haslam had better grip than me and when Biaggi escaped I lost contact with them. I found it a bit difficult to keep pace with the four cylinders on the straights but the weekend was positive, seeing as I'm back in third position overall."

Genesio Bevilacqua says: "Race 1 was hard fought. Ahead of us were some very consistent riders on high performance bikes. In Race 1 Carlos made the most of the Ducati's potential. Byrne showed us that he's back on form but he can undoubtedly improve further. In race 2 Carlos started well, as he did in the first race. He had a moment of hesitation and then, when he pushed, he was ruffled by Michel's pass. His lap times were fast but to get past riders of this caliber on this particular track is difficult. Shane continued to ride with determination, obtaining a better result in race 2 than in race 1. All in all it's been a positive weekend and I'd like to thank the entire team for the great work carried out here."

Tom Sykes says: "We tried a big list of things on the bike this weekend but unfortunately we really struggled to get a good set-up in the high track temperatures. We also started on the back foot having not tested here like the majority of teams last week, but that's no excuse as we just had to try and get down to business. Unfortunately our qualifying position didn't help us a lot and it was difficult to play catch up in the races, Misano is a hard track to pass. In race two I got away to a good start but got caught up in the first corner with a few riders and ended up in the back. My bike suffered in the front due to a clash with another rider but I fought back to 16th from last."

Chris Vermeulen says: "It's been a challenging weekend and we were disappointed to have missed out Superpole for the first time this year. We made small improvements over the weekend and took a different direction for race two, which was a big improvement. I ran 12 seconds closer to the front than in race one and we went for a softer tyre on the rear, which gave much better grip from the start. We still have a lot of work to do on making progress with the bike but I'm looking forward to the two day test this week in Imola, my first test since the start of the season, so we can make further progress and be more competitive in the races."

Jonathan Rea says: "I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how I'm feeling after this weekend, and most of what I'm feeling you wouldn't be able to publish anyway. It's unbelievably frustrating to be held back by this problem when it wasn't that long ago that we were winning together. We just haven't been able to sort things out this weekend and the results show that more clearly than anything else. We've got to get it together and I'm hoping that a two day test will allow us an opportunity to do that."

Max Neukirchner says: "It's been the same problem for me this weekend. The start of the races were both OK but when the front tyre was new and gripping better, the chatter seemed to be worse. It meant that I nearly crashed a few times. It improved a little as the grip got less, but by then it was too late to do very much about it. It's been a bad weekend for the whole team, so we've got lots of work to do at the test this week to try to improve things. The only good thing from the weekend is that the German football team got to the quarter finals in the World Cup."

Ronald ten Kate says: "I can understand the frustrations of the riders since we couldn't solve the issues we seem to have had on the bike this weekend. If I wasn't able to remember the racecraft displayed by Jonathan at Assen, Monza, Kyalami, when rider and machine seemed to be in a perfect balance, I'd be at my wits' end. As it is, we have to find a solution to this and it's really important that we find a step forward at the Imola test this week."

Roger Lee Hayden says: "In race one we chose a soft tire but after only few laps the bike start to slide a lot because the tire was probably too soft. It was really a difficult race and probably the most disappointed race of this season. The bike was completely different to the one I used during the qualifying and so the only thing I could do was try and finish the race. For race two of course we change the tire and immediately the bike was a lot better and I was able to race more close to the official Kawasaki riders. I think we are improving every race and I'm sure that during the next races we'll continue to improve the bike's performances in order to reach some good results."

Matteo Baiocco says:"In race one it was difficult for me to find a good race pace and only in the last few laps I was able to catch the riders in front of me. A few curves before the finishing lines I remained without fuel and I ended the race in last position. Race two was different. After a good start I found very soon a good rhythm but ten laps before the end of the race my bike start to slide in every curve because my rear tire had no more grip left at all. We must continue to work on the electronic of my Kawasaki to improve the traction control. Overall I'm happy because during this weekend I found a better feeling with my bike and I'm confident for the next races. The team has worked extremely hard and I'd like to thank them for their help this weekend."

Lucca Scassa says: "I am generally satisfied although I unfortunately wasted in a race all with a disastrous departure. This was not an easy test because we had few problems in cycling but I gritted my teeth engaging with a nice fight against James. The eleventh place not was the best but I was sure I can repeat in the later departure. After some targeted changes to the second start I was perfect and rhyming are close in the early stages of the race. there before the atmosphere is hot and there have been inputs and overtaking correct but hard ... get behind Haga was a nightmare, a champion as he never gave up a second and I had to give 200% to accommodate his recovery. The challenge with Byrne was equally risky ' Shakey "was a lightning-fast cornering and tried to overtake until the end but the risk of compremettere everything was too high and I decided to consolidate my eighth place. It 'was a tough day and I'm really tired because race is always in the wake as be in a hot air tunnel, I am grateful to the team are great! "

Jakub Smrz says: "I'm disappointed I couldn't technically ride a proper race at Misano , especially because here I've always gone very fast. Unfortunately, it's not going very well for us lately, but I hope to redeem myself at Brno in 15 days-time, at my home track".

2010 World Superbike championship - round eight
Misano, Italy (4.226km - 24 laps) - results

Misano Superbike - Race 1
1. 3 Biaggi M. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 38'59.319 (156,082 kph)
2. 7 Checa C. (ESP) Ducati 1098R 0.387
3. 11 Corser T. (AUS) BMW S1000 RR 0.822
4. 84 Fabrizio M. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 4.911
5. 50 Guintoli S. (FRA) Suzuki GSX-R1000 5.916
6. 2 Camier L. (GBR) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 8.658
7. 41 Haga N. (JPN) Ducati 1098R 11.872
8. 91 Haslam L. (GBR) Suzuki GSX-R1000 11.907
9. 67 Byrne S. (GBR) Ducati 1098R 16.490
10. 52 Toseland J. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 18.458
11. 99 Scassa L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 18.646
12. 57 Lanzi L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 19.315
13. 65 Rea J. (GBR) Honda CBR1000RR 25.405
14. 76 Neukirchner M. (GER) Honda CBR1000RR 31.671
15. 66 Sykes T. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 39.658
16. 77 Vermeulen C. (AUS) Kawasaki ZX 10R 48.137
17. 95 Hayden R. (USA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 56.316
18. 90 Sandi F. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 1000 F. 56.667
19. 15 Baiocco M. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 57.218
RET 111 Xaus R. (ESP) BMW S1000 RR
RET 35 Crutchlow C. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1
RET 96 Smrz J. (CZE) Ducati 1098R
EX 23 Parkes B. (AUS) Honda CBR1000RR

Misano Superbike - Race 2
1. 3 Biaggi M. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 38'58.149 (156,16 kph)
2. 91 Haslam L. (GBR) Suzuki GSX-R1000 4.095
3. 84 Fabrizio M. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 4.631
4. 35 Crutchlow C. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 5.014
5. 7 Checa C. (ESP) Ducati 1098R 6.256
6. 50 Guintoli S. (FRA) Suzuki GSX-R1000 7.677
7. 67 Byrne S. (GBR) Ducati 1098R 10.144
8. 99 Scassa L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 10.942
9. 41 Haga N. (JPN) Ducati 1098R 13.640
10. 11 Corser T. (AUS) BMW S1000 RR 16.279
11. 2 Camier L. (GBR) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 17.799
12. 65 Rea J. (GBR) Honda CBR1000RR 22.793
13. 57 Lanzi L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 24.131
14. 76 Neukirchner M. (GER) Honda CBR1000RR 28.212
15. 77 Vermeulen C. (AUS) Kawasaki ZX 10R 36.551
16. 66 Sykes T. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 49.636
17. 23 Parkes B. (AUS) Honda CBR1000RR 50.041
18. 95 Hayden R. (USA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 51.246
19. 15 Baiocco M. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 58.174
20. 90 Sandi F. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 1000 F. 1'10.588
RET 52 Toseland J. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1
RET 111 Xaus R. (ESP) BMW S1000 RR
RET 96 Smrz J. (CZE) Ducati 1098R


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