Isle of Man TT: Yellow Flag Complaints

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The organisers of the 2010 Isle of Man TT races have issued a statement following allegations that yellow warning flags were not appropriately observed by riders during the event.

The statement confirms one rider - whose name has not been released - was fined.

The statement reads:

"Ahead of the first practice session for the 2010 Isle of Man TT Races all competitors attended a formal briefing on many aspects and requirements of competing in the event."

"A representative from the TT Marshals Association also attended to give practical demonstrations of the various flag signals that the riders might encounter around the course and their appropriate response to these flags."

"During this year's TT Races, the ACU Events Race Direction received reports from the Marshals of incidents where they believed riders had ignored a yellow flag situation, requesting that they slow down as an incident had occurred further ahead on the course."

"The ACU Events Race Direction reviewed these reports, including interviewing each of the riders reported individually, and decided that in one instance a rider did not act appropriately in a yellow flag situation. That rider has been fined £250."

"As the organisers of the races, ACU Events considers that failure to respond appropriately to a yellow flag situation is an extremely serious offence and retains the right to disqualify a rider from a race or revoke his licence to compete if the situation is justified."

"The ACU Events Race Direction will not tolerate any instances, if proven, of riders acting in this manner."

"The ACU Events Race Direction will utilise any means available to ascertain whether a rider is guilty of racing through yellow flags. Without a formal report being submitted or other evidence becoming available, ACU Race Direction is unable to act on any allegations made."

"The ACU Race Direction will continue to work with both the riders and the IoMTT Marshals Association ahead of the 2011 TT Races to ensure ongoing improvements are made in this area."


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