Isle of Man TT: Dainese Quotes & Photos

IoM TT Report

Spanish motorcycling stars Jorge Lorenzo and Angel Nieto, ambassadors for TT Races Safety Partner Dainese, visited the Isle of Man for the 2010 TT Races.

The two completed a lap of the iconic mountain course before watching the Dainese Senior TT from a private garden on Bray Hill.

Jorge Lorenzo (Currently leading the Moto GP championship) says: “What an amazing experience. Now I understand why people enjoy the experience of riding at the TT. I only did one lap and I would definitely like some more practice.”

“I was able to make a few wheelies and wave a lot to the crowd – there seem to be so many people here. It was a very good experience. He continued: “I have read all about the TT in magazine and have seen TV programmes – but nothing can prepare you for the real experience.”

Angel Nieto (Thirteen time World Champion, who competed in the TT in 1968 but did not complete a lap) says: “It was a great honour to come back to such a great and historic place as a guest of Dainese. I have strong memories from my time here a long time ago and it is great to come back and see the TT so healthy.

Guy Martin (Current TT star also a Dainese ambassador, was involved in a high speed accident at Ballagarey but fortunately was not seriously injured and is recovering in hospital. The day after he commented) says: “I’ve been lucky, I think my suit, helmet and protections did their job. I thank you everybody for the support, I’ll be back racing very soon.”


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