Isle of Man TT: Records & Fatalities

IoM TT Report

Many records were shattered at the 2010 Isle of Man TT, the most spectacular deriving from Senior TT winner Ian Hutchinson, who became the first rider to win five TT races in one week.

But with the victorious riders such as Hutchinson also came the gloom – two riders died while competing, which brings the total fatalities to 229 in both TT and Manx Grand Prix races and practices since 1911 on the 37.733-mile Mountain Course.

In what became a dramatic Friday of racing at the Isle of Man TT, Padgetts Honda rider Hutchinson won the shortened four-lap Dainese Senior race. What was supposed to be a six-lap race started in typical style with Hutchinson going head-to-head with 15-time TT winner John McGuiness on the HM Plant Honda, McAdoo Kawasaki rider Conor Cummins and Wilson Craig Racing Honda rider Guy Martin.

For the first two laps, all four riders were lapping at over 130 mph, with McGuinness leading after the pit stop. But on lap three, Martin was involved in a fiery crash at Ballagarey. The bike caught fire, and lit some hedges at Ballagarey, bringing out a red flag. Moments later the news was out that the 29-year-old had bruised his lungs and sustained minor fractures to his spine.

After the red flag, the race was reduced to four laps. On the restart, Hutchinson got out front, with McGuinness only a half-second behind at Glen Helen. But by Ramsey Hairpin, Hutchinson was 1.14 seconds ahead of McGuinness, and would lead the opening restart lap 0.61 of a second ahead of McGuinness, who made up much time over the Mountain. Meanwhile, Cummins was in third, followed by McGuinness’ teammate Keith Amor and Ryan Farquhar, who had retired from the earlier abandoned race.

By the second time to Glen Helen, Hutchinson was two seconds ahead of McGuinness, but the Morecambe native soon retired, his HM Honda coasting to a halt on the exit of the left hander. This placed Cummins in third, but the local racer crashed at Verandah, reportedly having leg and arm injuries.

Now Armor was in second, but he too had problems with his HM Honda, also coasting to halt. This left Dungannon’s Ryan Farquhar and Relentless by TAS Suzuki rider Bruce Anstey in second and third; the riders finished in that order behind Hutchinson, who was practically able to cruise around the circuit to take the win. His win beat the record of 11-time TT Champion Phillip McCallen, who previously held the record in the race’s 103-year history to win four races in a week back in 1996.

He beat the record of 11 time champion Phillip McCallen who was previously the only man in TT’s 103 year history to win 4 races in a week, which he achieved in 1996.

But with all the celebration on the final day of the TT, many were grieving over the deaths of two riders that occurred on the penultimate day of competition – the Australian Martin Loicht and Paul Dobbs of New Zealand.

Loicht, 48, of Vienna, a father of two and professor of mechanical engineering, was involved in a fatal wreck at Quarry Bends during the Supersport 2 race. Dobbs, 39, also a father of two, met the same fate in the same race after crashing at Ballagarey.

New Records set at 2010 Isle of Man TT:

2010 Superbike TT
• New class record: Conor Cummins, 131.511mph (17:12.83) on lap 1.
June 5 (six laps, 236.38 miles)

2010 Supersport Junior TT
• New lap record: Keith Amor, 126.909mph (17:50.28) on lap 4.
June 7 (Race 1, four laps, 150.73 miles)

2010 Superstock TT
• New lap record: Ian Hutchinson, 130.741mph (17:18.91) on lap 4.
June 7 (four laps, 150.73 miles)

2010 Supersport Junior TT
• New lap record: Michael Dunlop, 127.836mph (17:42.52) on lap 4.
June 10 (Race 2, four laps, 150.73 Miles)

2010 Zero Race
• New Lap Record: Mark Miller, 96.820mph (23:22.89) on lap 1.
June 10 (one lap, 37.773 miles)

MotoGP Lap
• For 2010, the first-ever lap on a MotoGP machine occurred at the Mountain Course. Relentless Suzuki by TAS TT racer Cameron Donald rode a Rizla Suzuki GSV-R, setting a fastest top speed down Sulby straight at 202mph.