Isle of Man Senior TT: HM Plant Results

Senior TT Report

In a cruel twist of fate both HM Plant Honda Superbike riders, John McGuinness and Keith Amor, were forced to retire from today’s Senior TT race when they encountered technical problems with their Superbikes, while running in strong podium positions.

The race began at 12.30pm and John was immediately on the pace to take the lead on lap two and also increase his lead through each check point. But it sadly counted for nothing as a red flag brought proceedings to an abrupt halt when Guy Martin crashed heavily on lap three, although was fortunately not badly injured.

A lengthy delay followed and the race, now reduced to four laps, was restarted at 3pm. Again John was quick to get up to speed and was running a close second to Padgett Honda’s Ian Hutchinson on the first lap.

But as he approached Glen Helen for the second time he was seen to slow and coast to a stop. A radio interview with John from the commentary box revealed that the bike had cut out which, on inspection of the machine, was found to be a faulty kill switch.

The unfolding race happenings and Keith’s focused performance saw him take second place, with the determined Scot flying through the speed trap at Sulby to post the fastest speed of the race at 192.8mph.

After the pit stop Keith began to close in on the race leader and was looking certain for the second step of the podium. But it wasn’t to be as he slowed to a stop, also at Glen Helen, on the final lap with an engine issue.

With Keith ironically stopping at the same point on the course as John and unable to go anywhere until the race finished and roads opened, the two riders were greeted warmly at the crowded pub at Glen Helen where they stayed to watch the closing stages of the race unfold with the fans and a pint in hand.

Meanwhile, HM Plant Honda TT Superstock rider, Michael Rutter, was having the ride of his life on the Honda backed Batham’s sponsored privately entered Fireblade.

He quickly moved through into eighth position at the end of the first lap and an impressively fast pit stop helped Michael to move up to sixth, before taking the chequered flag in fifth – an impressive feat for riding a Superstock spec machine in the Superbike class.

John McGuinness says: “I had no clue what had happened as the bike was running perfectly in the three laps before the red flag and also at the start of the re-started race and I was really settled into things. I did feel a bit like a track sweeper though when I got past Bruce as there were loads of leaves and stuff on the course.”

“But, as I got to the first left hander near the commentary box at Glen Helen the bike cut out. I was pressing, prodding, poking, tugging and pushing buttons, wires and all sorts trying frantically to get the bike to restart, but it was to no avail and I had to park up. I don’t know what’s gone wrong this year but I haven’t had any luck at all. The formula one race was a disaster and then a disaster in this one. That’s the last three Superbike races here that I have ended up parked up on the banking and frustratingly through no fault of my own.”

“I also had a near miss before the race was red flagged when a ferret or something similar ran across the road in front of me but luckily I missed it. I’m gutted to have not been on the podium as it’s the first time I’ve not been in over ten years. But there’s nothing we can do about it and now just need to write it off and come back stronger next year. The HM Plant Honda boys have worked so hard and gave me a great bike so I’m just as gutted for them as well as for myself. I was enjoying it because conditions were lovely and it just feels as if a 10p wire has snapped on the bike and there is nothing we can do about that. That’s the TT for you!”

Although John was unable to add to his impressive tally of TT podiums, he still remains the outright lap record holder around the 37.73 mile mountain course.

Keith Amor says: “I’ve spent the last two weeks getting used to the HM Plant Honda Superbike and was really getting on it in the race. The HM Plant Honda team have been great, they have worked really hard and it’s so disappointing to not finish the race for them. The Dunlop tyres were working well, I knew I was in second place and was hoping to bring her home safely but it wasn’t to be. It’s frustrating and gutting but that’s the TT for you, nothing is ever certain. I will be back next year for another shot at it.”

Michael Rutter says: “I have done 32 laps on the bike over the course of these two weeks and it’s not missed a beat. I learned a lot as well being on the same bike in all the races and it’s been good to have the continuity which has got me right back up to speed. I was pushing as hard as those at the front but we all had to slow down after Conor Cummins crashed because of the yellow flags.”

“I was able to lap faster than ever before and just shy of 128mph. I am very happy with my lap times, even more so because I was the only one out there on a Superstock bike mixing it with the Superbike machines. I did think though that on lap two my race would be over when I saw a bird flying towards me. I thought it would either rip the screen off or hit me. I was praying it wouldn’t hit the screen otherwise my race would have been over, but when it did hit me it was so hard that it left me with a dead arm and I couldn’t feel the front brake for three quarters of lap!”

“I’ve got a bruise the size of a fist on my shoulder and rather a lot of bird debris on the bike, but rather that than not be able to complete the race! I’ve enjoyed the experience and time with the team over the last few weeks and am pleased to have come away with some solid finishes but, would like to thank Honda especially for allowing me to use the HM Plant Honda Superstock Fireblade in Batham’s livery in the Superbike class as well.”

Havier Beltran, HM Plant Honda Team Manager, concluded, “Obviously we are devastated for HM Plant Honda, the riders, our sponsors and the fans that both Superbikes couldn’t complete the race today but on a higher note, the TT has been a fantastic result for Honda with a clean sweep in every race. We extend huge congratulations to Hutchy and the whole of the Padgett’s Honda team on their success. To win all five races at the Isle of Man TT is very special and they have every right to feel incredibly proud.”

The HM Plant Honda team now returns home for a quick turnaround in preparation for the next round of the British Superstock championship next weekend at Silverstone, where the series will run as a support class to MotoGP. The team’s British Superbike race ace, Josh Brookes, will stand in for the injured Steve Plater in the two Superstock races.

Senior TT 2010- Provisional Result Sheet
Pos No. Rider Machine/Entrant Time Speed Replica

1 4 Ian Hutchinson 1000cc Honda / Padgetts Motorcycles 01 10 24.59 128.607 Silver
2 12 Ryan Farquhar 1000cc Kawasaki / MSS Colchester Kawasaki 01 11 02.36 127.467 Silver
3 1 Bruce Anstey 1000cc Suzuki / Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing 01 11 38.08 126.408 Silver
4 3 Ian Lougher 1000cc Kawasaki / Blackhorse Kawasaki 01 12 01.57 125.721 Silver
5 16 Michael Rutter 1000cc Honda / Batham’s Honda 01 12 10.74 125.455 Silver
6 13 Daniel Stewart 1000cc Honda / Wilcock Consulting 01 12 33.57 124.797 Silver
7 9 Adrian Archibald 1000cc Suzuki / AMA Racing Team 01 12 37.82 124.675 Silver
8 18 Dan Kneen 1000cc Suzuki / Manx Gas / Marks Bloom Racing 01 13 29.30 123.220 Silver
9 28 Davy Morgan 1000cc Suzuki / CSC Branson Racing 01 13 40.98 122.894 Silver
10 27 James McBride 1000cc Yamaha / Downview Finance / Pazzo Racing 01 13 50.69 122.625 Silver
11 33 Jimmy Moore 1000cc Yamaha / East Coast Racing 01 13 53.09 122.558 Silver
12 31 Rico Penzkofer BMW / Penz13.Com Racing Team 01 14 05.81 122.208 Bronze
13 24 Ian Mackman 1000cc Suzuki / 2 MACHS 01 14 08.49 122.134 Bronze
14 11 Gary Johnson 1000cc Suzuki / AIM Racing 01 14 20.72 121.799 Bronze
15 21 John Burrows 1000cc Suzuki / BE Racing 01 14 21.74 121.771 Bronze
16 58 David Johnson* 1000cc Honda / DP Coldplaning 01 14 37.91 121.332 Bronze
17 20 Steve Mercer 1000cc Yamaha / G Forces / SMR Road Racing 01 14 51.51 120.964 Bronze
18 32 Stefano Bonetti 1000cc Honda 01 15 01.19 120.704 Bronze
19 29 Mark Buckley 1000cc Kawasaki / OTSS Racing 01 15 01.70 120.690 Bronze
20 38 Antonio Maeso 1000cc Yamaha 01 15 15.89 120.311 Bronze
21 44 David Hewson 1000cc Kawasaki / The Other Bike Shop 01 15 32.69 119.865 Bronze
22 55 Roger Maher 1000cc Honda / Monarch Honda 01 15 39.32 119.690 Bronze
23 53 Paul Shoesmith 1000cc BMW / Speedfreak Ice Valley 01 15 48.70 119.443 Bronze
24 54 Hudson Kennaugh* 1000cc BMW / Longshot Kawasaki 01 16 18.29 118.671 Bronze
25 17 Mark Miller 1000cc BMW / Penz13/SK Support 01 16 29.69 118.377 Bronze
26 51 Stephen Thompson* 1000cc Suzuki / 01 16 45.72 117.965 Bronze
27 66 Brian McCormack* 1000cc Honda / TAG Racing/VTL Transport 01 16 57.06 117.675 Bronze
28 46 Jim Hodson 1000cc Yamaha / RS Security 01 17 03.08 117.522 Bronze
29 56 David Madsen-Mygdal 1000cc Yamaha / Quayside Tyres & Exhausts Autocare Centre 01 17 28.24 116.886
30 74 Steve Heneghan 1000cc Honda / Quattro Plant 01 17 37.60 116.651
31 65 Fabrice Miguet 1000cc Kawasaki / Team of Paris 01 17 48.21 116.385
32 71 Chris Petty 1000cc Suzuki / Dave Milling Motorcycles 01 17 55.65 116.200
33 36 Paul Owen 1000cc Kawasaki / 01 18 03.05 116.017
34 68 Jennifer Tinmouth 1000cc Honda / 01 18 12.92 115.773
35 49 George Spence 999cc Aprillia 01 18 18.40 115.638
36 75 James Hurrell* 1000cc Yamaha / Enanjay Racing 01 18 27.81 115.407
37 60 Alan Connor 1000cc Suzuki 01 18 35.10 115.228
38 64 Alan Bud Jackson 1000cc Suzuki / Mike Smith/BDS Fuels 01 19 51.81 113.383
39 23 Derek Brien 1000cc Kawasaki / Hunky Dory Racing 01 20 52.36 111.969
40 81 CR Gittere 1000cc Suzuki 01 22 00.04 110.428