IoM TT: Conor Cummins Crash & Injury


Tweet Report

We wanted to wish Conor Cummins a speedy recovery after his Isle of Man TT crash on the Verandah during the Senior TT. The effort of this heroric motorcycle racer was none less than 110%.

The 23 year-old from Ramsey was utterly amazing in this year’s TT all week long, from his stunning opening lap of 131.511 mph, to battling Guy Martin for the lead in the Senior TT. Many fans following the Isle of Man TT are proud of what this local rider has done.

The motorcycle racing accident sent the ‘Ramsey Rocket’ to Noble’s Hospital by helicopter. He was treated on the scene. Later there was a sense of relief that the result was not worse.

To Conor, thanks for entertaining us all and putting the three legs flag up the top end of the scoreboard. Get well soon, get back on your motorcycle and continue to ride away because from what we’ve seen from you this week, TT wins are seriously within your grasp.

2010 TT: Conor Cummins – Crash, Injury and Get-Well Tweet Report

1. Sadhbh O’Shea joeyjojo_on_F1: I would like to wish Guy Martin and Connor Cummins a speedy recovery no two nicer guys and please don’t do it again. #tt about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

2. elaine sassyele: Does anyone know how Connor Cummins is? about 8 hours ago via Snaptu

3. amanda barrett mandy4646: what an awful crash hope is going to be ok, what happened to connor cummins? about 9 hours ago via web

4. James Hardcastle: Get well soons to Guy Martin and Connor Cummins after their nasty crashes on Friday at the #IOMTT about 11 hours ago via TweetDeck

5. Huw 999Donkey: Thanks for the Guy Martin update, have you heard any news about Connor Cummins? about 12 hours ago via web in reply to suziperry

6. Fred Lebowski vortex15: Guy Martin recovers even faster than he talks, good to see he’ll leave casualty 1 of these days. Get well soon connor cummins. about 15 hours ago via Twitterrific

7. Chris Sunderland tbok1961: Congrats to Ian Hutchinson on 5 wins from 5 starts. Get well soon Guy Martin and Connor Cummins. RIP Martin Loicht & Paul Dobbs

8. Neil plumridge _Neil_p: Get well soon guy Martin and Connor cummins about 23 hours ago via mobile web

9. Jonny Williams Jonny_Will2: @suziperry twitter folk failed to mention poor Connor Cummins crashed at the TT too! “Serious but stable”! spread the get well love! x about 23 hours ago via web

10. bozaak bodzakuk: @999Donkey just saw that connor cummins had a bad one too, hope he’s ok about 23 hours ago via web in reply to 999Donkey

11. Chris Sunderland tbok1961: Congrats to Ian Hutchinson on 5 wins from 5 starts. Get well soon Guy Martin and Connor Cummins. RIP Martin Loicht & Paul Dobbs

12. NeilBlakesley Neillyb82: RIP Paul Dobb! Get well soon Guy Martin and Connor Cummins. Great TY again congratulations to record breaking Ian Hutchison about 23 hours ago via HTC Peep

13. bozaak bodzakuk: just heard that connor cummins came off too 🙁 hopefully he’s ok. about 23 hours ago via web

14. Jonny Williams Jonny_Will2: Can’t quite believe Connor Cummins also crashed at the TT and nobody mentioned that! SHAME ON YOU! Get well soon Guy and Connor! about 23 hours ago via web

15. Frank Amadeus_IOM: Connor Cummins’ crash at the Verandah was caught on camera by the helicopter. Not sure if it will make the program tonight, but might #iomtt Fri Jun 11 11:15:01 2010 via UberTwitter


17. Ellie Best ezeebee: Connor Cummins also came off his bike with ‘arm and leg’ injuries. Fri Jun 11 09:38:07 2010 via txt

18. Stephen Nicol slippymonkey: I hope the TT boys are ok. Nasty accidents for Guy Martin and Connor Cummins. Fri Jun 11 09:34:39 2010 via Twitter for Android

20. Mark Benson MDBenson: Get well soon to Guy Martin and Connor Cummins after heavy falls today. Some painful sounding injuries too :\ Fri Jun 11 08:58:21 2010 via Twitter for iPhone

21: Get well soon guy martin & Connor cummins after there big crashes today at the TT angels were watching out for you today boys don’t waste it 7:47 AM Jun 11th via Tweeterena

Conor Cummins: The Man

D.O.B: May 27th, 1986

Nationality: Manx

Residency: Ramsey – Isle of Man

Height: 6ft 4 inches

Weight: 12, 7 Stone

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Marital: Status Single

Hobbies: Motorbikes, Mountain Biking, Moto Cross, Enduro, Ski-ing, Football & Rugby

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Drink: LucozadeFavorite

Music: Metallica, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, R&B

Favorite Rider: Valentino Rossi, Joey Dunlop

Likes Winning: Racing Bikes

Dislikes: Losing & Paddock Stabbers

First Race: Aintree 2001-125 Race

Favorite Track: Brands Hatch

Ambition: To be a British Superbike Champion and win TT’s

2010 Isle of Man TT: Records and Fatalities