Isle of Man TT: Dainese Senior TT Results

IoM TT Results

Road racer Ian Hutchinson made history on Friday when he became the first man to win 5 TT Races in a week after clinching a shortened 4-lap Dainese Senior race in what was a dramatic day’s racing on the Isle of Man.

The scene was set for a thrilling end to racing on the Mountain course at the 2010 Isle of Man Senior TT. The blue riband Dainese Senior TT started at 12.30pm and delivered drama as the week of racing comes to and end.

Hutchinson took the lead from the start and when close challengers John McGuinness and Conor Cummins retired and crashed respectively he was able to ease off in the closing stages to come home 37.77 seconds clear of Ryan Farquhar and Bruce Anstey.

He beat the record of 11 time champion Phillip McCallen who was previously the only man in the races 103 year history to win 4 races in a week, which he achieved in 1996.

The initial 6-lap race got underway under blue skies and beautiful sunshine again and spectators were set for a thriller as Hutchinson, McGuinness, Cummins and Guy Martin went head to head over the first two laps. With all four lapping at over 130mph, there were less than six seconds splitting the quartet after the first pit stop, McGuinness leading the way from Martin, Cummins and Hutchinson.

However, Martin was reported as missing at Glen Helen third time around and news came through that he had been involved in an incident at Ballagarey. With the bike having caught fire, the hedge was also alight and the race was red flagged with the fire brigade dispatched to the scene as the whole Island held their breath in concern for one of the sport’s most popular stars.

Fortunately, news filtered through that the 29-year old was conscious and talking to medics, a later statement confirming that he had bruising to his lungs and minor fractures to his spine, a huge relief to all concerned.

With the race stopped, the circuit had to be cleared before racing could commence again and, when it was, at 3pm, it was reduced to 4 laps.

On the restart, Hutchinson again stole the early initiative but it was close and his advantage over McGuinness at Glen Helen was just half a second. Cummins was only a tenth further back in third with Donald in fourth and Michael Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar in fifth and sixth – just three seconds splitting the top six.

By Ramsey Hairpin, Hutchinson had edged 1.14s clear and McGuinness held a similar advantage over Cummins, the gap between those two 1.5 seconds.

As the riders flashed across Glencrutchery Road for the first time, Hutchinson led with an opening lap of 131.487mph but it was close with McGuinness only 0.61s adrift, the 15-times winner having clawed back some time over the Mountain.

Cummins was still in contention, only two seconds behind in third whilst Keith Amor was now up in to fourth closely followed by Farquhar and Anstey, both of whom had retired from the earlier abandoned race.

Hutchinson eked out a further two seconds on the second run to Glen Helen but no sooner had he passed the timing beam than McGuinness was out, the HM Plant Honda having coasted to a halt just on the exit of the left hander. This promoted Cummins up to second but he found himself 3 seconds behind as they reached Ramsey.

Amor, Farquhar and Anstey were all promoted up the order with Ian Lougher now in sixth but there was further drama when Cummins had failed to reach the Bungalow. The local hero had crashed at the Verandah although he too was conscious and talking to the medics, reported as having arm and leg injuries.

This allowed Hutchinson’s lead to rocket up to 27 seconds, another 131mph+ lap helping him on his way. Amor was close to his first ever 130mph lap in second with Farquhar, Anstey, Lougher and Michael Rutter now occupying the leading six positions.

After the pit stop, Hutchinson’s lead over Amor had increased but the Scotsman was still trying and he reduced the deficit steadily around the third lap although the Bingley man was seemingly in control of everything, still over 21 seconds to the good as they went in to their final lap.

At Glen Helen, the gap had increased to 31 seconds but Amor’s hopes of a Superbike podium were dashed when, remarkably, he too coasted to a halt after passing through the timing point, joining team-mate McGuinness on the sidelines. Farquhar and Anstey now found themselves in second and third, both looking to end their week’s on a high.

Hutchinson was able to almost cruise round his final lap of TT2010 and he crossed the line standing on the footpegs, adopting a Superman stance for what is truly an amazing feat. Farquhar and Anstey were celebrating too, the former recording his first ever Superbike podium at the TT and the latter ending a difficult week on a positive note.

Lougher completed yet another TT year with a strong set of results, taking fourth in the Senior with Michael Rutter bringing home his Superstock-spec Honda in fifth. Meanwhile, Dan Stewart replicated his sixth place finish of 12 months ago for another top class TT result with Adrian Archibald, Dan Kneen, Davy Morgan and James McBride, the final two the first two privateers past the chequered flag.

David Johnson was again the first newcomer to finish, as he had been in the previous four races, the Australian taking an excellent 16th place overall in the race. He also finished as the fastest newcomer overall with his final lap of 123.838mph his fastest of the week.

With five wins from five, Hutchinson was the comfortable winner of the overall TT Championship taking the Joey Dunlop Trophy by a whopping 61 points from Michael Dunlop and Farquhar. Finally, in the race for the Privateers Championship, it was McBride who took the trophy, his second place in today’s Senior giving him a total of 80 points, ten ahead of Moore with Morgan in third.

Jenny Tinmouth extended her title as the fastest women around the course with a final lap of 119.945mph.

The A and E consultant at Noble’s hospital reported that Guy Martin had sustained bruising to both lungs and some minor fractures in his upper spine, following his accident at Ballagarey but was otherwise OK.

He is expected to be in hospital for a few days and but thanked his fans from his hospital bed for all their support and reassured them that the incident had nothing to do with a lack of commitment from him!

Senior TT 2010 – Provisional Result Sheet
Pos No. Rider Machine/Entrant Time Speed Replica

1 4 Ian Hutchinson 1000cc Honda / Padgetts Motorcycles 01 10 24.59 128.607 Silver
2 12 Ryan Farquhar 1000cc Kawasaki / MSS Colchester Kawasaki 01 11 02.36 127.467 Silver
3 1 Bruce Anstey 1000cc Suzuki / Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing 01 11 38.08 126.408 Silver
4 3 Ian Lougher 1000cc Kawasaki / Blackhorse Kawasaki 01 12 01.57 125.721 Silver
5 16 Michael Rutter 1000cc Honda / Batham’s Honda 01 12 10.74 125.455 Silver
6 13 Daniel Stewart 1000cc Honda / Wilcock Consulting 01 12 33.57 124.797 Silver
7 9 Adrian Archibald 1000cc Suzuki / AMA Racing Team 01 12 37.82 124.675 Silver
8 18 Dan Kneen 1000cc Suzuki / Manx Gas / Marks Bloom Racing 01 13 29.30 123.220 Silver
9 28 Davy Morgan 1000cc Suzuki / CSC Branson Racing 01 13 40.98 122.894 Silver
10 27 James McBride 1000cc Yamaha / Downview Finance / Pazzo Racing 01 13 50.69 122.625 Silver
11 33 Jimmy Moore 1000cc Yamaha / East Coast Racing 01 13 53.09 122.558 Silver
12 31 Rico Penzkofer BMW / Penz13.Com Racing Team 01 14 05.81 122.208 Bronze
13 24 Ian Mackman 1000cc Suzuki / 2 MACHS 01 14 08.49 122.134 Bronze
14 11 Gary Johnson 1000cc Suzuki / AIM Racing 01 14 20.72 121.799 Bronze
15 21 John Burrows 1000cc Suzuki / BE Racing 01 14 21.74 121.771 Bronze
16 58 David Johnson* 1000cc Honda / DP Coldplaning 01 14 37.91 121.332 Bronze
17 20 Steve Mercer 1000cc Yamaha / G Forces / SMR Road Racing 01 14 51.51 120.964 Bronze
18 32 Stefano Bonetti 1000cc Honda 01 15 01.19 120.704 Bronze
19 29 Mark Buckley 1000cc Kawasaki / OTSS Racing 01 15 01.70 120.690 Bronze
20 38 Antonio Maeso 1000cc Yamaha 01 15 15.89 120.311 Bronze
21 44 David Hewson 1000cc Kawasaki / The Other Bike Shop 01 15 32.69 119.865 Bronze
22 55 Roger Maher 1000cc Honda / Monarch Honda 01 15 39.32 119.690 Bronze
23 53 Paul Shoesmith 1000cc BMW / Speedfreak Ice Valley 01 15 48.70 119.443 Bronze
24 54 Hudson Kennaugh* 1000cc BMW / Longshot Kawasaki 01 16 18.29 118.671 Bronze
25 17 Mark Miller 1000cc BMW / Penz13/SK Support 01 16 29.69 118.377 Bronze
26 51 Stephen Thompson* 1000cc Suzuki / 01 16 45.72 117.965 Bronze
27 66 Brian McCormack* 1000cc Honda / TAG Racing/VTL Transport 01 16 57.06 117.675 Bronze
28 46 Jim Hodson 1000cc Yamaha / RS Security 01 17 03.08 117.522 Bronze
29 56 David Madsen-Mygdal 1000cc Yamaha / Quayside Tyres & Exhausts Autocare Centre 01 17 28.24 116.886
30 74 Steve Heneghan 1000cc Honda / Quattro Plant 01 17 37.60 116.651
31 65 Fabrice Miguet 1000cc Kawasaki / Team of Paris 01 17 48.21 116.385
32 71 Chris Petty 1000cc Suzuki / Dave Milling Motorcycles 01 17 55.65 116.200
33 36 Paul Owen 1000cc Kawasaki / 01 18 03.05 116.017
34 68 Jennifer Tinmouth 1000cc Honda / 01 18 12.92 115.773
35 49 George Spence 999cc Aprillia 01 18 18.40 115.638
36 75 James Hurrell* 1000cc Yamaha / Enanjay Racing 01 18 27.81 115.407
37 60 Alan Connor 1000cc Suzuki 01 18 35.10 115.228
38 64 Alan Bud Jackson 1000cc Suzuki / Mike Smith/BDS Fuels 01 19 51.81 113.383
39 23 Derek Brien 1000cc Kawasaki / Hunky Dory Racing 01 20 52.36 111.969
40 81 CR Gittere 1000cc Suzuki 01 22 00.04 110.428


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