Moto2 Mugello: Recap & Results

Moto2 Results

Andrea Iannone (Fimmco Speed Up, Speed Up) won an extraordinary victory in the Moto2 race, escaping from the pack at the start to run away out front while the rest of the field jostled for position some way behind.

By three-quarters distance the 20-year-old Italian had amassed a lead of seven seconds – a massive advantage in this ultra-close, Honda-powered World Championship.

Yesterday Iannone took pole position by an impressive margin, yet few people expected him to be able to repeat his performance in race conditions, especially at a track like Mugello where chasing riders can take advantage of the leader’s slipstream. But today no one even got close enough to Iannone to get into his draft.

Sergio Gadea (Tenerife 40 Pons, Pons Kalex) won a frantic five-man battle for second place, making up two positions on the final lap to take his first Moto2 podium.

He just edged out Simone Corsi (Jir Moto2, Motobi), taking a second consecutive third place, Thomas Luthi (Interwetten Moriwaki Moto2, Moriwaki), Toni Elias (Gresini Racing Moto2, Moriwaki) and Shoya Tomizawa (Technomag-CIP, Suter).

The five riders crossed the finish line covered by just 1.1 seconds, having swapped positions throughout the 21-lap race.

Gabor Talmacsi (Fimmco Speed Up, Speed Up) had also been in the contest for second place until he lost touch with the group to finish a lonely seventh, some way ahead of a six-man skirmish for eighth won by Yuki Takahashi (Tech 3 Racing, Tech 3).

The Japanese rider was followed past the chequered flag in quick succession by Julian Simon (Mapfre Aspar Team, Suter), Alex Debon (Aeroport de Castello-Ajo, FTR), Alex De Angelis (RSM Team Scot, Force GP210), Hector Faubel (Marc VDS Racing Team, Suter) and Alex Baldolini (Caretta Technology Race Dept, I.C.P.)

The MotoGP World Championship now heads north and across the English Channel for the British GP at Silverstone on June 20. The British event is followed by two more races on consecutive weekends: the Dutch TT on June 26 and the Catalan GP on July 4.


Andrea Iannone (Fimmco Speed Up, Speed Up: 1st) says: “A fantastic day, a perfect day. To do this in front of all the Italian fans, it couldn’t be better. I got out front and pushed very hard to make the break from the other guys. If you have an advantage in this class you have to take it. I’m very happy, I’d like to thank everyone, especially the people in the team who worked so hard over the winter to get this all set up. At Le Mans we were already beginning to understand things, to find a good direction on set-up, but I still didn’t think this could happen here at Mugello. I wasn’t easy to get the bike set up at the first races, but this is the result, the prize!”

Sergio Gadea (Tenerife 40 Pons, Pons Kalex: 2nd) says: “This is my first podium in Moto2 so of course I am very excited. The race was great – Elias and Luthi were leaving nothing to spare, and I was looking over shoulder a lot. It was an incredible race to be involved in. We are improving a lot at the moment; we have gone from less to more. My Kalex chassis is working very well, it’s very consistent, which is what we want.”

Simone Corsi (Jir Moto2, Motobi: 3rd) says: “Today I scored my second podium in a row, so you can see that I am really enjoying Moto2 at the moment. We had some tyre problems in qualifying yesterday but we were able to get things sorted for the race. It was an amazing race, I started so far back and really enjoyed working my way through the pack. I hope the fans enjoyed that too.”

Pole position : 1m55.598s (163.341Km/h) Andrea Iannone, Fimmco Speed Up

Fastest lap : Lap 2 – 1m55.598s (163.341Km/h) Andrea Iannone, Fimmco Speed Up

Circuit record lap : 1m55.647s (163.272Km/h) Andrea Iannone, Fimmco Speed Up

Circuit Best Lap : 1m55.598s (163.341Km/h) Andrea Iannone, Fimmco Speed Up

Event results – Round 4 – Race 1

1Andrea Iannone41m05.374sITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
2Sergio Gadea+2.764sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
3Simone Corsi+2.799sITAHONDAJiR Moto2
4Thomas Luthi+2.814sSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
5Toni Elias+3.404sSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
6Shoya Tomizawa+3.826sJPNHONDATechnomag-CIP
7Gabor Talmacsi+7.209sHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
8Yuki Takahashi+8.377sJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
9Julian Simon+8.584sSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
10Alex Debon+8.931sSPAHONDAAeroport de Castello – Ajo
11Alex De Angelis+9.149sSMRHONDARSM Team Scot
12Hector Faubel+9.991sSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
13Alex Baldolini+12.219sITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
14Stefan Bradl+19.110sGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
15Fonsi Nieto+19.680sSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
16Dominique Aegerter+19.994sSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
17Karel Abraham+24.969sCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
18Roberto Rolfo+25.769sITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
19Xavier Simeon+31.094sBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
20Yonny Hernandez+31.171sCOLHONDABlusens-STX
21Scott Redding+37.770sGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
22Claudio Corti+39.183sITAHONDAForward Racing
23Valentin Debise+39.405sFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
24Arne Tode+40.613sGERHONDARacing Team Germany
25Vladimir Leonov+43.358sRUSHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
26Kenny Noyes+43.997sUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
27Anthony West+53.748sAUSHONDAMZ Racing
28Niccolo Canepa+54.387sITAHONDARSM Team Scot
29Bernat Martinez+57.035sSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
30Yannick Guerra+58.612sSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
31Robertino Pietri+3 LapsVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
32Ratthapark Wilairot+5 LapsTHAHONDAThai Honda PTT SAG
33Mike De Meglio+6 LapsFRAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
34Vladimir Ivanov+6 LapsRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
35Raffaele De Rosa+10 LapsITAHONDATech 3 Racing
36Mattia Pasini+14 LapsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
37Jules Cluzel+17 LapsFRAHONDAForward Racing
38Axel Pons+17 LapsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
39Anthony Delhalle+18 LapsFRAHONDAQatar Endurance Racing Team

Championship standings

1Toni Elias74 ptsSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
2Shoya Tomizawa55 ptsJPNHONDATechnomag-CIP
3Simone Corsi51 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
4Sergio Gadea46 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
5Thomas Luthi38 ptsSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
6Andrea Iannone38 ptsITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
7Julian Simon35 ptsSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
8Gabor Talmacsi34 ptsHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
9Alex Debon26 ptsSPAHONDAAeroport de Castello – Ajo
10Yuki Takahashi21 ptsJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
11Roberto Rolfo21 ptsITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
12Jules Cluzel21 ptsFRAHONDAForward Racing
13Fonsi Nieto12 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
14Stefan Bradl11 ptsGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
15Yonny Hernandez10 ptsCOLHONDABlusens-STX
16Mattia Pasini10 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
17Ratthapark Wilairot9 ptsTHAHONDAThai Honda PTT SAG
18Kenny Noyes9 ptsUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
19Alex Baldolini9 ptsITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
20Dominique Aegerter8 ptsSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
21Scott Redding5 ptsGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
22Alex De Angelis5 ptsSMRHONDARSM Team Scot
23Lukas Pesek4 ptsCZEHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
24Hector Faubel4 ptsSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
25Karel Abraham2 ptsCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
26Claudio Corti1 ptsITAHONDAForward Racing
27Anthony West1 ptsAUSHONDAMZ Racing
28Yannick Guerra0 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
29Xavier Simeon0 ptsBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
30Vladimir Leonov0 ptsRUSHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
31Vladimir Ivanov0 ptsRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
32Valentin Debise0 ptsFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
33Robertino Pietri0 ptsVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
34Raffaele De Rosa0 ptsITAHONDATech 3 Racing
35Niccolo Canepa0 ptsITAHONDARSM Team Scot
36Mike De Meglio0 ptsFRAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
37Mashel Al Naimi0 ptsQATHONDABlusens-STX
38Joan Olive0 ptsSPAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
39Ivan Moreno0 ptsSPAHONDAAndalucia Cajasol
40Bernat Martinez0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
41Axel Pons0 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
42Arne Tode0 ptsGERHONDARacing Team Germany
43Anthony Delhalle0 ptsFRAHONDAQatar Endurance Racing Team
44Amadeo Llados0 ptsSPAHONDALlados Racing Team