Isle of Man TT: Video Lap with McGuinness

IoM TT Video

Take a lap around the Isle of Man TT motorcycle road race course with John McGuinness on the HM Plant Honda Superbike, during one of the first 2010 practice sessions.

McGuiness was the first to complete a lap at 129.265mph with Anstey and Donald not too far behind at 127.915mph and 128.011mph respectively.

Michael Dunlop, Lougher, Amor and Archibald were all above 126mph but Guy Martin was close to McGuinness’ pace at 129.145mph, Ian Hutchinson also going well at 128.018mph.

Second time around and McGuinness really showed his class with a lap of 130.242mph, Hutchinson increasing his speed to 128.735mph and Archibald to 128.618mph.

John McGuinness says: "My first lap was 125mph and the second 127mph which is incredible on the first night of practice. The course is in pretty good shape, there was a bit of dust about but it wasn’t as bad as we expected."

John McGuinness, 15 times a winner at the Isle of Man TT, is looking forward to making further improvements and adding to his win total at the 2010 TT.


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