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From a wet and overcast Isle of Man TT, between 10,000 and 20,000 pints a day will be quaffed at Bushy's beer tent on Douglas Promenade during the TT motorcycle race fortnight (note: a fortnight is 2-weeks), according to managing director Martin Brunschweiler.

One of the official sponsors of the tent this year - a major attraction for bikers and visitors with its live bands - is leading internet service provider Wi-Manx.

"Last year we provided a wireless ‘hotspot' at the beer tent along with live internet video streaming," said Wi-Manx managing director Edward Whipp.

"The streaming gave people who couldn't be at the TT a taste of the atmosphere, particularly those watching from across the other side of the world."

He added: "This year we decided to support Bushy's by sponsoring the beer tent, not only offering wireless internet access but looking to build on the success of the previous year's live streaming."

It is the 12th year that Bushy's has had a beer tent at the TT and, according to Mr Brunschweiler, over 25 per cent of the brewer's annual beer production is sold during the TT.

"We are delighted with this sponsorship by Wi-Manx as it offers a link for people overseas to see what is going on," he added.

"Last year one of the cameras was placed behind the bar giving views of the Prom and, to the total amazement of people watching from overseas, there were shots of the horse drawn trams going by which left them gob smacked.

This offers not only good exposure for us but for the TT and the Isle of Man."

The beer tent is open from 12 noon to midnight throughout the TT fortnight, up to and including Senior Race day on 11 June.


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