Bitubo and Honda Italia Partner for 2010

Motorcycle Parts

Bitubo has announced that it has entered into an important agreement with the Honda Italia to the supply suspension to the teams participating in Honda Trophies for 2010.

The bikes equipped will be the NFS100, Hornet 600 and the CBR600RR.

Honda CBR600RR
Bitubo has developed several innovative solutions for forks and shocks.

In addition to the traditional Bitubo kits such as the KFORK, the Smoothness Kit and the fork springs kit, plus the new ECH09 pressurized cartridges are now available.

The product benefits from racing experience. The XXF31 shot is the top of the Bitubo line and offers the following adjustments: spring preload, compression, and extension.

Honda Hornet 600
Fork kits for this naked bike include the YCE09 (adjustable cartridges for extension and compression spring preload), ABB09 (cartridges with Ergal cover for adjustable spring preload), fork springs, KFORK (including pistons, passage holes, lamellar packs and seal belts), and finally the smoothness kit. Designed for Hornet 600, CLU31 shock offers several adjustments, including compression (high and low speed), extension, preload, and wheelbase.

Honda NFS100
For NFS100 road racer, Bitubo designed mono-damper XXF11, fork cartridges ABB29 and fork springs kit MF. The former offers several adjustments (spring preload, extension, compression, wheelbase) and, according to Bitubo, has "clearly improved after several years of racing in cooperation with the best teams WSBK, CIV, CEV, BSB."

Fork cartridges ABB29 are meant to replace original parts in order to considerably enhance stability and accuracy of Honda NFS100 on both straightaways and corners.

The hydraulic spring preload control offers a wide range of adjustments. The fork springs kit includes CrSi steel springs and synthetic oil.