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At the MotoGP race in Jerez it was easy to see the four electric motorcycles in the paddock provided by Quantya, the Swiss company, and available for the staff of the Pramac Ducati Racing Team.

The company, based in Lugano, manufactures and markets a range of electric road and off-road motorcycles. The Pramac Race staff, equipped with two Quantya "Road" models and two "Track" models, used the bikes to go around in the paddock in clean and green way.

Both bikes have been customized with the colors of the Green Energy Team so that they can give more prominence and visibility to the initiative, especially on the Track models with the team’s racing numbers.

These are the first electric motorcycle inside the paddock and they have generated considerable curiosity, not only into the fans who rushed the circuit, but also among the experts and journalists who did not hesitate to try the bikes.

Both models have a range of about 60 kilometers and can reach the high speed of 100 km/h.

Paolo Campinoti (Team Principal Pramac Racing) says: "Being able to use electric bikes in the paddock will be a good thing for our team, we will move during the race weekend without emitting CO2. We have reached a partnership agreement with Quantya, that will provide us the bikes during the season."

"We hope that the Swiss company, leader in the production of electricity supplied bike, will increase with this sponsorship the reputation into the motorcycle fans that will come to the circuits during the stages of the MotoGP World Championship."

"We are already thinking about some initiative that will allow all the stakeholders to try the bikes, especially we decided to organize an event in the Quantyapark near Barcelona during the Grand Prix of Catalunya weekend."

"In this way, many experts will be able to see the quality and the top speeds that these bikes can reach, most of the people think that electric engine is symptom of slow motion, while Quantya have nothing to envy to the bike powered by a gasoline engine."

Graziano Besana (Quantya Swiss) says: "Entering in to the MotoGP world which is by definition the best international motorcycling showcase is a huge challenge for us, as we have always been devoted to the production of electric bikes."

"We have embraced the idea of linking our brand to the Green Energy Team because of the project that they will continue during the course of this season, thanks also to our bikes, the team will reduce its C02 emissions in the air. We hope that during the various GP everyone can see our bikes and that this can increase awareness of our brand. "


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