Superbikes: Twin-Cylinders Lose Weight

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Ducati prayers may have been answered as 2-cylinder World Superbike machines will undergo a weight reduction from the next motorcycle racing round at Miller Motorsports Park.

For the first time in the two and a half years since the regulation was introduced, there will be a change in the new minimum weights applied to race bikes competing in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

Following the official results of Race 2 held at Kyalami (South Africa), the FIM SBK Technical Director has informed all that the average value of the event averages over the first six events of the 2010 SBK championship favors the 1000cc 4-cylinder motorcycles by more than 5 points.

This is the document issued by the official WSBK time keeping team. >>>>>>

As a result, from the next SBK event at Miller Motorsports Park (USA) on 29-30-31 May, the new minimum weight for 1200cc 2-cylinder motorcycles is decreased to 165 Kg, a reduction of 3 Kg as stipulated in Article of the FIM rulebook.

The minimum weight for 1000cc 4-cylinder motorcycles will remain unchanged (162 Kg).

This comes after complaints from many of the Ducati teams including Althea Ducati who previously had this to say about the rules:

Genesio Bevilacqua (General Manager) says: "It's evident that at Monza there is a significant difference between the performance of the two and the four cylinders. This regulation means that there is a risk of "falsifying" a show that, thanks to the performances of such talented riders, could be even more spectacular and enthralling."

"There is a defect in the regulation and something should change, because we have no chance to fight, on a level playing field, with the other bikes. We enjoy to battle it out on track but we must also speak to the FIM and the championship organizers, who need to find a solution. We have two of the strongest Superbike riders but with our Ducatis we have had a disappointing day. This is wrong..."

As well, the Factory Ducati team had shown their dissatisfaction prior to the rule change: "At a track where Ducati was at more of a disadvantage compared to previous years in terms of top speed, aggravated by the extra weight and 50mm air-restrictors that limit the maximum power, both Haga and Fabrizio fought for as many points as possible, their best results being a sixth and seventh place finish respectively."


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