Pramac Ducati Drinks Chicco d’Oro

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The Pramac's Racing Team staff and guests will be able to drink this year Chicco d'Oro coffee in the hospitality.

The Chicco d'Oro is a Swiss company that has his headquartered in Balerna in the Canton Ticino, since 1949 the company has aimed to meet an optimal shape of taste to satisfy the demands of the entire customers in the field of coffee roasting by giving proper attention to the quality of all its products.

The company has not only increase his awareness in Switzerland but is also a growing reality in Italy and in the other countries.

The Swiss coffee company also pays much attention to environmental protection that is why all the employees use only electric cars and their coffee capsules are made of an ecological material. The right coffee for The Green Energy Team.

Paolo Campinoti - Team Principal Pramac Racing Team

"From this year the coffee that we will offer to our team and our guests in the hospitality area, comes from the Swiss coffee company Chicco d'Oro. We could not have a better partner this year, the company has give an eye to the environment problems from many years, using electric vehicles for the movement and they has developed a technology that allow them to manufacture in an environmentally friendly material the coffee capsules."

Max Beltrami - Person in charge of Caffè Chicco d'Oro

"We are very happy to be one of the partners of the Pramac Racing Team this year, the MotoGP World Championship will be a great showcase for us. We will raise up our brand awareness both in Italy and abroad. We also really like the idea to be partner of this Team as we have always try to have less environmental impacts during our manufacturing process."


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