MotoGP Pramac: Lasting ‘Green’ Effects

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The Pramac Ducati Racing Team, after finishing in seventh position during the last Grand Prix in the MotoGP World Championship, made some environmental calculation from the first controlled impact weekend.

During Jerez Grand Prix it was easy to see the debut of the green trucks that will follow the team throughout the season.

On each truck there were installed 12 solar panels and 2 others on the pit canopy, made by Pramac Solar division, capable to generate 2,8 kW of electric energy, with an estimated annual saving of 3,36 MWh of energy.

But the most important data is that 2,3 tons of CO2 will be saved by the use of the solar panels, and that will not be released into atmosphere.

Both the trucks have attracted the attention of the racing paddock’s guest, as well as the two RevolutionAir wind turbines designed for Pramac by Philippe Starck.

Even if the wind was relatively weak and inconsistent in Jerez, the wind turbines generated enough electricity to almost completely provide enough energy to the screens and to the equipment inside the box.

The wind turbines are capable of generating a full 0.8 kW with an annual savings of 650 kg of CO2 atmospheric emissions.

The Team hopes that in the coming rounds of the MotoGP Championship there will be more sun and wind so that the team can rely more heavily on ‘green’ energy.

In this way the energy needs of the Pramac Racing Team will be product always more from the facilities located on both trucks.

Paolo Campinoti (Team Principal Pramac Racing Team) says: "We went away from Jerez very satisfied, one of our riders has made a stunning comeback who has seen him finish the race in the seventh position, we also got to see that the facilities we have installed on our trucks are able to cover part of our energy needs in the pits. "

"It’s a good starting point for a season that will be characterized by many similar initiatives. Shame for the unfortunate race of Aleix Espargarò, but I have great confidence in him for the future, he has also showed a great character after he returned in to the track from the pits, he has consistently covered better lap time than the riders ahead of him. "


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