Bolt Electric Confirmed for IoM Zero TT

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A London-based electric scooter manufacturer has become the latest team to confirm it will contest the TT Zero race at the 2010 Isle of Man TT.

Ecolve will run a specially built electric sportbike with experienced TT racer Mark Buckley at the controls during the clean emissions race that will be run as part of the TT meeting in June.

The machine has been named ‘Bolt’ because of its potential speed.

Alex Herman (Ecolve Director) says: "We already have proven expertise with electric scooters and will be using the TT Zero race to demonstrate our sports bike, which we are planning to retail to the mass market later this year."

"We are really looking forward to participating in this world-class event and are confident that we have produced a really competitive bike that will challenge for honours."

The team will be chasing the £10,000 (~$16,000 USD) prize the Isle of Man Government will award to the first team to record a 100 mph average lap speed around the iconic 37.75-mile course.

The Bolt bike is based on a 125cc frame and is being built using the latest in EV technology whilst also incorporating tried and tested racing technology.

Ecolve has partnered with Zip Motorcycles, which will build the frame and install the electric components.

The bike uses the latest motor technology, running at a continuous 25kw to ensure it will have the power to hit the magic 100mph average mark.

The Bolt uses an AC brushless motor that has water-cooling to help with the performance.

The battery technology is Lithium-ion that will have a battery management system and is also liquid cooled to allow optimum operation.

To further improve the electric bike’s capability on track the team will be using lightweight components where possible, such as carbon fiber wheels and ceramic brakes.

Bolt Electric Bike Specifications

> Distance Range up to 125 miles (approx.)

> Max Speed 150mph (approx.) 

> Dimensions 2070 x 700 x 1010 mm.

> Motor 15kw Water Coooled AC motor

> Batteries Lithium battery 90V 60AH

> Charging Time Full charge – 6-8 hours, 80% charge – 2 hours

> Regenerative braking as standard


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