Blusens-STX Launches Moto2 Season in Jerez

Moto2 Team

Room 8 of the Jerez motorcycle racing circuit was the stage today of the official presentation of team BLUSENS-STX. Raúl Romero (team owner), Fernando Rodríguez de Rivera (STX Global Services president), Miguel Churruca (Marketing director of Blusens) and the three riders of the team were there to address a few words to the audience.

This is a very special season for the team Blusens-STX because of the inauguration of a new category, Moto2, in which the Spanish team pioneered the first Moto2 racebike on a circuit, the BQR-M2 machine.

Gaizka Torrontegui says: "After 12 seasons in the World Championship, this year we are looking for results. We could see this intention in the race in Qatar in 125cc., where Tito Rabat performed fantastically. We are betting for Tito very strongly because we are convinced that he can do great in 125cc GP."

"For his size he could be in Moto2, but we believe that repeating class will be good for him. And proof of that is his amazing work in Losail. In Moto2 we think we can do important things too, thanks to the magnificent work of Josep Oliva and David Tomás, who are working really hard in this project. Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the team, and especially Ricard Jové who is directing this group fantastically. Also, thanks to the sponsors for their support; without them it would be impossible to be here today".

Miguel Churruca says: "Blusens has been in the racing arena for four years and we are proud and thankful for the work done during this time. Nowadays, everybody associates Blusens to BQR and BQR to Blusens, which shows that our relationship has been long and satisfactory".

Fernando Rodríguez says: "I am very thankful to Raúl and Ricard for how the negotiations evolved which allowed us to close this sponsorship deal and be here in the MotoGP World Championship today. STX Global Services is a logistics and transportation business, which I find similar to the racing world, since one must always be competitive and run fast, so I am truly happy with the co sponsorship. Furthermore, I think this collaboration with Blusens, the main sponsor, is going to be very successful and rewarding for every part."

Later, the three riders of the championship have talked. Tito Rabat, introduced as the senior rider after spending four years doing the world championship, and Yonny Hernández and Mashel Al Naimi as the newcomers.

Mashel Al Naimi says: "It is a dream to participate in the World Championship. My objective is to learn to work in a professional team and gain velocity. Thanks to Blusens-STX and QMMF I have this opportunity and I am going to make the dream come true."

Yonny Hernández says: "I am very excited with this mission and I am going to do things as good as I can, like I have been doing until now. I want to show the ones who trusted me that they were right by putting their hopes on me.".


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