Ducati WSBK: Fabrizio Tests at Mugello

WSBK Test Report

Mugello (Italy), Wednesday 14th April: Ducati Xerox rider Michel Fabrizio and his technical team concluded a two-day test session at the Mugello circuit this afternoon, deeming the test a success.

Having suffered from apparent brake inconsistency during last weekend’s Valencia races, Michel’s squad have spent the last two days working to resolve these issues in time for the next round at Assen, in ten days time.

Yesterday morning a wet track delayed the start of the test but in the afternoon Fabrizio was able to ride his Ducati 1998 without interruptions. The bike was equipped with specific sensors which analyzed the front brake’s performance and gave a much clearer picture as to where the problem lay. The team subsequently tried various solutions with regard to the brake pump and front caliper and in the end identified an alternative configuration that seemed to resolve the problem, renewing Michel’s confidence with the bike.

Having regained feeling with the front brake, Michel and his technicians made other refinements to the set-up of the 1198, to build the rider’s confidence still further. Lap times were good and consistently fast, with a best time of 1’52.6, on a race tyre. Before lunch Fabrizio was suffering from a severe groin pain and, satisfied with the work done up until then, he preferred to conclude testing early in order to seek medical advice and rest so as to be in good shape for the next race at Assen.

Michel Fabrizio says: "It’s gone really well here. My technical team were able to identify the problem I’d had at Valencia almost immediately and once the necessary changes were made to my front brake, I felt more confident with my 1198. I’m really happy and am now looking forward to getting back on track at Assen."

Ernesto Marinelli (Team Manager) says: "This test has definitely led to a change for the better, a rider’s confidence is all about his performance. I’m very pleased that the problem with the brake has been identified and resolved and I am also convinced that in Assen we will see Michel back on form, performing at the top level and reaffirming his talent."


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