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Green Future

In June 2009, the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing teams from around the world came together to show a sceptical sport that zero carbon technology was ready for prime time. By the end of 2009, TTXGP had grown to 3 regional championships and a grand final.

In January 2010, the TTXGP made the decision to outsource the rules ( to the world. They wanted to keep the rules up-to-date and recognised that there were a lot of smart people not at the table that they had to engage with. The TTXGP firmly believes the wiki will change the dynamic of the sport to one of inclusion and timely innovation.

And now in March 2010, the transformation continues with TEO. TEO (Trust.eGrandPrix.Org) allows teams to participate in the profits of TTXGP. A key objective is to create a stable income stream for teams to start building long term plans for people, technologies and organization.

You can’t buy into TEO, the only way to be part of it is to race.

The idea is that the ownership and value pool is held by the group who actively create it. As race teams stop racing, they automatically leave the earnings pool while new teams enter. TEO has its own board elected by the members, which are the teams.

The more you motorcycle race, the more you the make the series, the more you earn.

Racing with TTXGP in 2010 will see your rewards multiplied. If you are committed to TTXGP exclusively, then your rewards are multiplied again. It is a little complicated and TTXGP is looking at ways to make it easier to explain.

Participation in TTXGP 2010, gives racers a real chance to not just be at the dawn of the next generation of motorsports, but also to become an equitable partner in the value that you create.

Maybe it’s time for you to join TTXGP 2010 and start the journey to build a sustainable, profitable and lasting future in the next generation of motorsport.


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