Valentino Rossi nears F1 lap record in Ferrari

Valentino Rossi, reigning 2009 MotoGP Champion, on day two of testing the Ferrari F2008 F1 race car. The test took place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain outside of Barcelona.

It was reported by the New York Times that Valentino Rossi, after the two days of testing, recorded a very fast lap time in the F2008. Rossi’s best time of 1:21.90 was just a few ticks off the lap record of 1:21.67 set by Kimi Raikkonen driving the Ferrari back in 2008. Although this is his 6th time testing a Formula 1 car, the man has talent.

Valentino Rossi Speaks…

"We kept the last three quarters of an hour to try a ‘time attack’ with little petrol and fresh tires. I would have given anything for such a lap time."

"It’s more fun here, because it’s a little bit easier. It’s more effort in Mugello, but this track here is really wonderful, with motorbikes and cars, although I have to say that turn 10 is a little tight and you’re braking much later."

Luca Baldisserri Speaks… Ferrari Director

"We tried different set ups and he improved a lot: this means that the driver learns quickly and has room for improvement."