2010 MotoGP Moto2 Class | Interview Video

2010 Moto2 Class

Click video to learn more about the new Moto2 class. In 2010 the Moto2 class will be added to MotoGP. Moto2 machines will feature identical Honda 600cc engines and Dunlop tires. Moto2 chassis will be prototype; no production parts will be permitted. At this years Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP, Moriwaki and BQR showcased their Moto2 prototypes with laps around the track.

Shogo Moriwaki rode the Moriwaki MD600 Moto2, while Grand Prix World Champion Kevin Schwantz rode the BQR Moto2 machine. This exclusive interview with Mike Webb, technical director for MotoGP, and Jeremy Ferguson, senior director of Dunlops global road-racing efforts, explains the new class.


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