Valentino Rossi: The Chicken and Egg

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As with many of Valentino Rossi’s post-victory celebrations, this year’s 2009 MotoGP Championship winning chicken and egg stunt in Sepang has some deeper more humorous meaning. Valentino Rossi conducted his chicken and egg act after his final 2009 race victory as he pulled his Yamaha M1 off the Sepang track to meet his awaiting fan club and fan club president.

The fan club president presented Rossi with a tee shirt to wear, a live chicken wearing what appeared to be a motorcycle helmet and an egg stamped with the number 9.

Rossi first removed his nose guard, racing helmet, and soaking wet gloves as all the other riders rode past and headed for the pits. Valentino quickly put on the tee shirt over his racing leathers, grabbed hold of the egg and began posing for pictures with the chicken.

So what’s the meaning of this celebration?

Well according to Valentino Rossi, in Italy it is said that an old chicken (hen) makes good soup but that an old chicken (hen) can no longer lay eggs. Obviously, Valentino Rossi’s main competitors are much younger than him (Jorge Lorenzo 22 and Casey Stoner 24) at the ripe old age of 30.

Valentino Rossi said, "I am like the old chicken (hen) – 30 years now – but I have made another egg!" He went on to say "That’s nine (eggs)!" For those who have been following Rossi for the past 13 years, this is his clever way of poking fun back at his rivals.

Chicken or not, Valentino Rossi not only finished the days event by winning the 2009 Championship but also with the fastest lap of the day: Rossi with a time of 2:13.694 on lap 14; and with the pole lap record: Rossi with a time of 2:00.518.

Surely Valentino Rossi will be off to party in Spain for the short winter break but for now the stage is clearly set for the 2010 MotoGP season as Stoner has returned over the last three rounds in absolute top form. As well, Jorge Lorenzo has demonstrated his ability to win. And that he is a tough competitor. Dani Pederosa is consistently improving.

We can’t wait for the 2010 MotoGP season to begin… Oh yeah and add World Superbike Champ Ben Spies into the mix!!! Bam! What are we going to do if Hayden actually shows-up next year as well? We’ll have a race on our hands at every round!

The final race of the 2009 MotoGP racing season will be at the Grand Prix of Valencia on Nov. 8th, 2009.