Casey Stoner talks Phillip Island

Casey Stoner returned to action last round of the 2009 MotoGP series. And after his "odd" time away from racing action, he seemed to return in near top form. His "illness" may have been some type of bug but if you ask me, it was the pressure from such a competitive series and from one rider in particular, Valentino Rossi.

Hey maybe I am crazy but it seems like, over time, many top riders have crack under the extreme competitive pressure exerted by Rossi. Here is what Casey Stoner had to say about the next round at Phillip Island.

Casey Stoner Speaks…

"I’m looking forward to Phillip Island," said the 23 year-old. "In Portugal I was able to get to the end of the race weekend without problems, just the predictable tiredness after a full MotoGP race, following two months of inactivity. So maybe I’ll be a bit more ready for Phillip Island now. Besides that the temperature down there is a bit colder than other races we go to and that better suits my physical conditions at the moment."

"The track is awesome – it’s fast, flowing and there isn’t really a section that the riders don’t enjoy," he added. "Normally races are fantastic there. I’ve had a dream run over the last couple of years but this one is going to be a little different so we have just to wait and see what we can do."