U.S. DOT Helmet Standards | Motorcycle Safety

Confirm DOT Standards

The motorcycle Helmet Check website was developed by the Motorcycle Industry Council’s (MIC) Helmet Task Force. It is for motorcycle riders to verify that a helmet they own, or are considering for purchase, complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety standard (FMVSS 218) is now live. This will assist riders with motorcycle helmets that no longer have the DOT sticker or riders that question whether the DOT sticker is authentic.

This new website allows consumers to find information on DOT-compliant helmets from any helmet manufacturer voluntarily participating in the database.

Major helmet companies and distributors AFX, AGV, Arai, AXO, HJC, Icon, Scorpion, and Shoei have thus far provided the information on their full line of helmets to the site.

"The most important piece of safety equipment a rider can wear is a DOT-compliant helmet," said Eric Anderson, chairman of the MIC Helmet Task Force. "We hope to call attention to the DOT standard and let riders know that they can reliably identify and verify that the helmet they own, or are considering for purchase, is DOT-compliant."

DOT-compliant helmets are marked with an identifying sticker on the back. A DOT-labeled helmet denotes that the manufacturer confirms it meets or exceeds the government standards for protection. To display a DOT certification symbol on helmets, manufacturers must adhere to standards that include impact absorbing capability and penetration resistance, and a retention system standard that ensures a helmet stays fastened in the event of a crash.

"With hundreds of models available to choose from, and especially given the prevalence of counterfeit stickers, there is unfortunately a lot of confusion among consumers," Anderson said. "We are deeply appreciative of the cooperation of the manufacturers and distributors for providing their product information to the site for the benefit of all the riders."

"Given their participation, HelmetCheck.org will be a reliable way for riders and law enforcement agencies to verify that a specific helmet meets the DOT standard. HelmetCheck.org also will be a repository of helmet-related information, research and public service announcements for the benefit of consumers, policy-makers and law enforcement."