Biker Rain Chaps offers AMA discount

Whether you’re riding coast-to-coast or commuting to work, sooner or later you’re going to need to protect your legs from the elements. Now, members of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) can purchase one of the most convenient solutions for less. because Biker Rain Chaps is offering AMA members a 25 percent discount on every purchase.

The newest AMA partner, Biker Rain Chaps offers products that protect your legs from rain, road spray, mist, cool weather and wind. These chaps are particularly useful for keeping you clean and ready for work, and are easier to get on and off than a full rain suit. Biker Rain Chaps also add an extra layer of insulation for chilly mornings or evenings after the sun has gone down. While not a replacement for full rain gear, Biker Rain Chaps are an indispensable first line of protection against poor road conditions.

"In the thousands of miles that AMA members ride each year, we run into our fair share of situations that don’t call for a full rain suit, but still expose our legs to unfavorable conditions," said AMA Director of Business Development Jim Moore. "These are just the type of conditions that Biker Rain Chaps are designed to protect you from, thoroughly and economically."

Biker Rain Chaps normally cost $19.99. AMA members can now purchase them for just $14.99 — a 25 percent savings. A webpage page where members can access this discount is available in the Members Area of

"As a 15-year member of the AMA, I’ve been on many rides, long and short, with my friends in the AMA," said Mitch Harris, owner of Biker Rain Chaps Ltd. "No matter the distance, nothing ruins a great ride faster than bad weather. What’s worse is when we had rain gear in our bags, but didn’t get it on until after we were soaked. Even when we manage to avoid the rain, the road spray from the wet pavement still will thoroughly soak riders, at least from the knees down. This is why I created Biker Rain Chaps. Much more convenient than full rain gear, they protect the most exposed part of your body from wind, cold, rain and general road grime. At the end of the day, when the road gets you wet, Biker Rain Chaps keep you dry and comfortable."

The Biker Rain Chaps discount is just the latest in a long list of dozens of benefits and savings for AMA members. Another great value is free AMA Roadside Assistance for members who sign-up for automatic renewal or purchase a three-year membership. For more on the benefits of AMA membership, see and click on Member Services.


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