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ALEIX ESPARGARO (No. 44 Pramac Racing): "I'm happy about this weekend. I enjoyed riding this bike a lot. Three months ago, I was at my house, and now to be here for MotoGP was fantastic. The race was a little strange. In the beginning, I started very good. I tried to catch a rider, but I couldn't. Lap by lap, I pushed and tried to understand the bike. The final part of the race was like a test. I would like to have caught another rider, but I couldn't. I pushed. Anyway, I'm happy. The bike was good. The team is fantastic. I hope in Misano it will be a little bit stronger."

MIKA KALLIO (No. 36 Ducati Team): "I don't know exactly what happened at the start. In the second corner, there was a big smash, and riders were everywhere and I couldn't do anything. After that, I did the best that I could, and today the eighth position is not too bad. The gap in front of me was really too big, and I am not so happy about that. If you think about how this race went, our result wasn't too bad."

COLIN EDWARDS (No. 5 Monster Yamaha Tech 3): (About his race): "It was crap. I don't know, we were kind of at a cross between soft tire, hard tire on the rear. I think everybody ended up choosing the same soft rear tire, which I think Bridgestone were happy about. We didn't really know the degradation of the hard one, if it was going to be bad or not, so we went to soft. But it just felt like everything was pivoting on the rear, you know. I'd go in and the rear's stepping out, and that's not the fast way." (Was that a problem all over the track or particular sections, like the bumpy Turn 6 you had a problem with yesterday?): "You know, in Turn 6 I was going inside the bump today. Generally, all the left-handers; obviously, we got a harder rubber on the left (half of the tire) than we do the right. It just seemed like it was spinning everywhere. And it doesn't help that our bike's slow. That definitely doesn't help the situation, as well." (I know you really wanted a podium finish here.): "Yeah, you know, we had a good time. Time to go get a beer."

GABOR TALMACSI (No. 41 Scot Racing Team MotoGP): "The beginning was not too bad. I made a good start, and for the first three or four laps, I could pass under the rider to gain positions. But the bike was so heavy this weekend to change direction, and it was very hard on my upper-body strength. After several laps, I felt the power go away slightly, and I couldn't turn the bike. Also I had a problem with the wheelie-ing. The bike was always wheelie-ing, and I tried to push with my body. I lost the group I was fighting for position for points. I feel we can do better. I have proven at the start of a race I can do it. When the setup is not right, I don't enjoy so much riding with difficulties."

JAMES TOSELAND (No. 52 Monster Yamaha Tech 3): "I believe without the tangle with (Marco) Melandri in the qualifying session, I could have qualified in that position, in the sixth or seventh. It's just really nice to get a decent start, get stuck in the first couple corners and come away with that result. You know, it's always nice talking a good race, but it's nice to actually come across the line and do it, as well." (About the track): "You know, we have bumps in every single circuit that you got to get used to. But the actual line you want to take as a racer to actually take the corner with maximum corner speed, you're not allowed to here. Because of the severity of the bumps, you've got to miss them. Where the bumps are, if you take that line, the lean angle of the bike in that particular position; if it hits the bump there's no warning, and you're gone. But the problem is on a 22-lap race, you're in race mode. You want to just go where you think you want to go. As a professional, you know where to be on the track to get the maximum corner speed. Unfortunately, the bumps kind of stop you from doing that, so you just got to ride around them. But when you're in a pack, it's difficult to always hit the same spot. Turn 2, if you try to take it a little bit wider to keep the corner speed up, like Valentino did, I crashed there in exactly the same place on Saturday morning. The big one is Turn 6, the bumps into Turn 6."

NICCOLO CANEPA (No. 88 Pramac Racing): "I still don't know what happened. They told me there was an alarm, and I still don't know what happened. The bike stopped and the engine switched off, so I don't know. I was fast. I wanted to ride in the top 10, and it was possible. Unfortunately, the bike had a problem."

CHRIS VERMEULEN (No. 7 Rizla Suzuki MotoGP): "We had a very good start. My reaction time was good, and I was very quick off the line. I made a couple of spots up on the outside in Turn 1. On the entry to Turn 2, I guess I was in 10th or 11th, which was a step forward, but I just saw on the replay that I got hit from behind from (Mika) Kallio and got knocked down into the grass. Basically I was last. Calming myself down was the hardest thing to do. I was frustrated, and I was annoyed. I had made a good start, and I had the speed to run sixth or seventh place. I just had to put my head down and just go as quick as I could. We came back up. We were fighting for ninth place and wound up 11th. It was a positive day. We were fastest at the end, and we improved the motor bike for today. I think I rode a very good race."

MARCO MELANDRI (No. 33 Hayate Racing Team): "I had a good start, but my ending wasn't so good. From the first lap, I had no good grip or traction on the rear tire. I couldn't push like I wanted. I just tried to keep my rhythm. Near the end of the race I was fighting with (James) Toseland. I was slightly better than him in the braking. But he was driving so much more than me to go off in the corner. I tried to pass him, but he passed me back all the time. I tried to pass him for the last two laps, but I made a stupid, small mistake. I was braking hard in the race, so my front tire was gone. I lost the front; that's going to happen."

DANI PEDROSA (No. 3 Repsol Honda Team): "I just crashed. I mean, maybe (I ran) too hard for the first few laps, and maybe (it was) cold tires. It's quite disappointing because I was good earlier in the weekend, but at least we got some points. Six points is not much, but it's more than zero."

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (No. 4 Repsol Honda Team): "I'm happy because my pace yesterday was so bad. We were too far off, so we made big changes after the warm-up, a big change that normally nobody would make because it's dangerous. Fortunately my pace was more than a half-second faster every lap compared to practice, so I'm happy about that. Sure, I'm not happy about the fourth position. But it's good to start the next race like this, to improve and reduce the gap from the lead."

RANDY DE PUNIET (No. 14 LCR Honda MotoGP): "It was very hard for me because the race was so long, 28 laps. I was in the top 10, and that was my target. I made a mistake toward the end, and two riders overtook me. (Dani) Pedrosa was faster than me, and it was too difficult to try to keep him behind me. He overtook me in the last lap to finish 11th and put me 12th. I made a bad choice early and lost too much time in the beginning of the race. It is only a month since I broke my ankle. The last 10 laps today were very, very difficult for me, but I tried to stay on the bike and take some points. I took a few points, and I hope to be fit for Misano."

LORIS CAPIROSSI (No. 65 Rizla Suzuki MotoGP): "I am happy about the race, but I'm a little bit upset about my start. I go out and I had to keep position. I was nearly last, but we finished seventh. Overall, it was not too bad. I nearly crashed a couple of times. We fell back a little bit. It is very important for us to try and do our best for the rest of the season. I really enjoy racing here at Indy. We had a lot of people watching the race today, and for us (MotoGP), that is great."

VALENTINO ROSSI (No. 46 Fiat Yamaha Team): "Today is a disappointment, of course. We struggled here with the setting all weekend, but we made an improvement today, and I got a good start and was able to stay in touch with (Dani) Pedrosa. Once he fell, I knew it would be between Jorge (Lorenzo) and I, but I honestly don't know how it would have finished, because Jorge was very fast today. Of course, it would have been better to have finished second than not to finish at all. Unfortunately, I ran wide on to a dirty part of the track at Turn 1 and lost the front. I tried to carry on but there was a problem with my throttle, and it wasn't possible. I want to congratulate Jorge for his victory and now we look forward to coming back to the front at Misano. We are still leading the championship, and this is the most important thing."


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