James Stewart likes Decoster’s rider selections

2009 Motocross des Nations Team USA

While there was a chance that James Stewart might compete as a member of Team USA in the 2009 Motocross des Nations on October 4th, 2009 (Franciacorta, Italy), the final selection was announced and the honor has been given to riders Ryan Dungey (MX1), Jake Weimer (MX2) and Ivan Tedesco (MX3). All three members of the Team have been competing in the Motocross Outdoor National series and hold top ranking positions.

James Stewart Speaks...

"I haven't raced or tested for outdoors in nearly a year and the last time I did, I was riding a different brand of bike. Roger has made an excellent choice. These guys have been racing hard throughout the outdoor season and doing very well. I've said all along that being selected for the Motocross des Nations Team should be earned by those who do well competing in the outdoors series. I would be disappointed if I was racing the MX Outdoor series all along and they picked someone for the Team that didn't. I wouldn't do that to these guys. They've earned this and they've got a great chance at keeping the Trophy here in the USA."

In the meantime, Stewart is working hard testing and training for a busy Fall race schedule that includes the US Open of Supercross (Las Vegas, NV), Bercy Supercross (Paris, France), Genoa Supercross (Genoa, Italy) and his first appearance in Australia at this Brisbane Super X.


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