Dunlop supports amateur youth motocross

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has introduced its 2009 Team Dunlop rider lineup. Throughout 2009, the 18-member squad will represent Dunlop Tires at amateur national competitions around the country.

Now in its third consecutive year, the Team Dunlop program provides this year’s chosen elite riders with special tire support and preferred-treatment service at select races during 2009, plus advertising and promotional opportunities in national media as well as on the Team Dunlop Web site. Dunlop also contributes $500 to an educational savings fund for each rider, in order to underscore the importance of staying focused on schoolwork.

This year’s Team Dunlop members will be involved as development riders for the next generation of Dunlop racing tires in the youth segment, just as the 2008 team assisted in the development of the new Geomax MX51 tires–a significant and innovative commitment to that vital segment of racing’s future.

The Team Dunlop program debuted in 2007 as a means to support select young amateur motocross racers who ride bikes displacing up to 150cc. Dunlop has historically supported thousands of amateur racers each year through the largest amateur program in this sector of the industry.

Additionally, Dunlop serves as the official tire sponsor of all the major amateur OEM groups, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Cobra and Polini. From within the ranks of these top-level riders, Dunlop selects 18 future stars to comprise its elite Team Dunlop squad for 2009.

"The Team Dunlop amateur support program continues to progress from strength to strength, and we are excited to welcome some of the most talented up-and-coming racers and their families to the 2009 Team Dunlop starting lineup," said Dunlop Tires Vice President Mike Buckley.

Recognizing Team Dunlop racers is easy, as members sport a unique Team Dunlop logo on their helmets. This Team Dunlop logo, which does not replace the company’s traditional and familiar "Flying D" icon, was first introduced in 2007.

Decked out in specially branded Dunlop racetrack apparel, these talented young riders will be easy to spot as they appear at major amateur motocross races–and the winners’ podiums–all across the country.

2009 Team Dunlop members include:

Adam Cianciarulo > Kawasaki > 85/105
Brad Esper > Kawasaki > 65/85
Chase Sexton > Polini > 65
Clay Woeste > Cobra > 65
Connor Pearson > Yamaha > 85
Jake Riggle > Suzuki > 105
Jordan Bailey > Cobra, KTM > 50/65
Jordan Smith > Suzuki > 85
Lance Kobusch > Cobra > 65
Mark Worth > Kawasaki > 85
Matt Bisceglia > Yamaha > 85
Michael Young > Cobra > 65
Rookie White > Suzuki > 85
Sean Cantrell > KTM > 65
Steven Gretchen > Suzuki > 85
Tanner Stack > Kawasaki > 65/85
Thomas Covington > Kawasaki > 85
Zach Bell > Kawasaki > 105