Sudco offers motorcycle racing carburetors

Keihin FCR Flatslide Racing Carburetors are acknowledged as the top rated carburetors for 4-stroke racing and performance applications. Keihin FCRs have have posted numerous race wins and title victories and in National and World Championship Superbike and Motocross racing,Along the way they have earned a well respected reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

Sudco International, America’s racing carburetor experts, offers bolt-on Keihin FCR 39mm and FCR 41mm carburetor kits in Single, Twin, Triple and Four-Cylinder engine configurations to fit nearly any current and classic motorcycle application. The include single cylinder Dirt Bikes, twin-cylinder Ducati Sportbikes, three-cylinder Triumphs, and four-cylinder inline 4 and V-4 Japanese Sportbikes. All FCR systems are properly racked together with the correct throttle cable location, then Sudco pre-jets them for your particular application. Also available are any necessary intake adapters, velocity stacks or airbox adapters, and a throttle assembly with cables.

For additional information and to order, contact your local motorcycle parts dealer or Sudco direct. Dealers call Sudco for a copy of the Sudco Main Products Catalog featuring a compete line of stock replacement and high performance parts, including Keihin and Mikuni Carburetors, for dirt bikes, street bikes, ATVs and personal watercraft. Sudco international, 3014 Tanager Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040. PH 1-323-728-5407. 


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