Pourcel maintains 250cc AMA Motocross points lead

Christophe Pourcel held on to the 250 class points lead after finishing second overall at Spring Creek Raceway in Millville, Minn. His teammate Jake Weimer went 6-7 for sixth overall. In the 450 class, Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Ricky Dietrich finished 11th overall. Timmy Ferry did not race as he continues to recover from a broken heel.

Championship Chase

Pourcel continued to focus on getting the 250-class title. The French rider has been in the points lead since the fourth round at High Point and as a former World Champion he knows what he needs to do to take the crown.

"We had a great battle today," said Pourcel. "The track was tough and it made for a good race. I was a little worried after the first practice because the track was so fast I didn't think we would be able to race like that. My focus is still on the championship so I did the best I could today."


Weimer came into Millville with two straight overall wins, but he was unable to hit the trifecta as he finished 6-7.

"It was a little bit of a tough day," said Weimer. "I just seemed to struggle in the first part of the motos, but it seemed the race would come to me. I didn't get the starts I wanted which meant I didn't get the finishes I wanted."

Getting in a Groove

The race at Spring Creek marked Dietrich's first trip to the Minnesota track. The lack of experience on the circuit hurt Dietrich as he spent the majority of practice learning the layout.

"I kind of struggled pretty much all day," said Dietrich. "In practice my times were off of where I've been in the last few races. I didn't let that get me down, because the race is where it counts. It's kind of a tricky track and it's my first time here. I've been able to pick up the other tracks a lot quicker than this one. I just couldn't get the flow of the track. Overall we learned some good things about the bike and my setup."

Going for the Win

In the second moto, Pourcel and Dungey were putting on a great battle for the lead before the rough track caught him off gaurd.

"I was catching him pretty fast," said Pourcel. "We were both riding well and my back wheel just popped out of a rut and caused my crash. It happens sometimes and to still finish second is okay."

Crazy Start

In both motos Dietrich came out of the first turn around the 10th spot, but it was two different approaches that got him there. In the first moto he snuck his way through, but in the second he got hit from behind. Dietrich was lucky to avoid the melee on the outside of the turn.

"In the first moto I got an okay jump," said Dietrich. "I pushed through the first turn and weaseled around some guys. That was going to be my strategy in the second moto. I had a drag race with Davi (Millsaps) to the first turn. Someone bumped me, I got stood up and I lost my momentum. Luckily I came out pretty clean."

Getting Healthy

Even though Timmy Ferry wasn't able to ride at Spring Creek, he did meet with a lot of his fans and he signed autographs all day.

"I'm working hard to get back on track," said Ferry. "We're not sure of the timetable for my return."

Rough Race

The track at Millville is one of Weimer's favorites because it gets rougher as the day wears on.

"The track is sandy so it gets pretty choppy," said Weimer. "It is a tough track that is one of the better ones we ride. It was smooth in the first practice and just got rougher and rougher throughout the day."

The track layout was one of the most challenging of the year as it combined technical rhythm sections with big hills and a long sand whoop section.

"I think this is the hardest track I've been to this year," said Dietrich. "It is hard to pick up this track in one day. I think almost every jump out there is blind going up a hill. I really had to learn a lot and make sure I remembered every jump out there. Plus those sand whoops are a killer. In the second moto I felt it in my lower back, towards the end of the moto it seemed like that section was a mile long. This is a cool track that was unique."

Unseasonably Cool

The cool weather that has hit the Midwest this week made for a different atmosphere at Millville. With temperatures barely reaching the 70's, the riders were able to give it their all through both motos.

"The weather made it easier today," said Weimer. "It was nice that it was cool because it is always easier to ride when it is like this instead of 105 degrees."


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