Works Connection Factory II Stand | Motocross Stand

Personalized Moto Stand

Kickstands are an optional item on off-road motorcycles, and centerstands are exceedingly rare. For oil and drive chain maintenance, a quality stand is mandatory. Works Connection's Factory II bike stand is a high quality, TIG welded, American-handmade item that fulfills its duties flawlessly.

Rounded extruded aluminum tubing allows the stand to tilt when lifting your bike onto the stand, and when returning the wheels to terra firma, for easier and safer utilization. Flex is imperceptible, making for a sturdy stage when performing strenuous work such as motor or wheel removal. There's an engine/transmission oil access hole in the center of the main platform, making oil changes less messy.

Topping the main platform is a high-traction, heavy-duty 10mm industrial grade mat, which is both durable and high-traction. Embossed logs keep the bike from slipping on muddy days. At the bottom of the stand, there's a convenient tool tray, which can be removed for oil changes.

A logo panel allows customization, and we had our Ultimate MotorCycling nameplate added. This gives the Works Connection Factory II stand an appearance that is as professional as its performance.


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