Yamaha Champions Riding School helps charity

The newly formed Yamaha Champions Riding School will provide a multitude of services and discounts in support of Racing 2 Save Lives (R2SL), an annual charity motorcycle riding event, at Miller Motorsports Park over the weekend of July 3-5.

Contributions include a 20-percent discount to registered R2SL participants in the July 6-7 Yamaha Champions Riding School class at Miller Motorsports Park immediately following the charity event, low-cost classroom and on-track instruction throughout the event provided by Yamaha Champions Riding School instructors Mark Schellinger and Shane Turpin, two-up rides around the track for those looking for a unique experience or an invaluable learning experience, and a donation to the charity as well.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the Yamaha Champions Riding School to reach out and support those who do so much for this great charity," said Daniel Short, Yamaha Champions Riding School manager. "The riders supporting Racing 2 Save Lives should be recognized for their efforts, and this is a great way to give back to them for all they have done."

Along with the on-site activities provided during the charity event, the Yamaha Champions Riding School will also be donating items to the R2SL Silent Auction.

"Racing 2 Save Lives was the first public event held at Miller Motorsports Park in 2006, and it is a great organization with which we are proud to be associated," said John Larson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Miller Motorsports Park. "Our new Yamaha Champions Riding School affords us the opportunity to add world-class motorcycle instruction to the great program already provided at this event."

Classroom training sessions will be provided by Yamaha Champions Riding School instructors Mark Schellinger and Shane Turpin, who will be sharing riding tips and insights into riding at Miller Motorsports Park as well as teaching the techniques used by the best riders in the world.

"We understand that races are not won from the dirt," said Mark Schellinger. "The best riders in the world have learned to ride consistently, yet safely, at a pace most of us will never know. By learning the way these champions ride, we can help any rider become more proficient and safer motorcyclists every time they ride, no matter what they ride."

Some of the classroom students will be able to get on-track instruction as well; each instructor will take two students for specific instruction during dedicated times of the day.

"We really want to give back to those taking part in this great event," said Shane Turpin, "and we want to make sure that they are able to get a taste of the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We are looking forward to being able to help these riders and give them some skills that may just save their lives one day.

"After all, we want to help them to "Ride Like A Champion!"

For more information about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, visit www.MMPSchools.com or call Daniel Short at 435.277.8799.


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