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Motorcycle racers have long known the benefits of running high-quality slipper clutches. Today, motorcycle manufactures have taken the "race on Sunday, sell on Monday" approach, and are installing slippers on many of the top performance bikes now found on your local showroom floor. However, some of these clutches are not fully adjustable and are made with lesser technology to keep the overall motorcycle MSRP as low as possible.

Our Ducati Monster 1100 project bike came equipped with a non-slipper, yet more race oriented, dry clutch, so a high-quality dry slipper clutch was tops on our list of "must-haves" for the Ducati Monster project. We surveyed the market for a top-shelf slipper, and found Hinson Clutch Components.

The story starts back in 1989, when founder Wayne Hinson’s extreme passion for motorsports racing found him building stronger and lighter hard-coated Akadized aluminum clutch components that would endure the stresses of racing. In 1996, Hinson became the choice of the Honda factory moto team of Jeremy McGrath, and, in 2007, the slipper clutch of choice for American Honda’s Superbike team.

Today, the family oriented company operates with an increasingly meticulous passion for producing high-quality, top-performing products from their Southern California facilities. Long story short, over 173 national and world motorcycle championships have been won with Hinson Components in the last 17 years, a track record that speaks for itself.

With a broadened push into the street market, Hinson’s recent announcement of its first complete BTL (Back Torque Limiter) Dry Clutch for Ducatis got our attention. The components are precision machined from billet T-6 aluminum to exact tolerances. Developed from MotoGP slipper clutch technology, the Hinson uses ball and ramp actuation, typically different from some OEM clutches or other replacements on the market. This advanced assembly spins truer, creating less heat when disengaged, while also allowing for smoother back limiting engagement.

Physically, the Hinson is of small dimension, light in weight and made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Measurements show the Hinson being an impressive 1.75 pounds lighter and nearly one-half of an inch smaller than stock. The complete, ready-to-install clutch assembly includes basket, slipper inner hub, pressure plate, sintered plates and all springs. Hinson also includes four flat washer springs in different weights that can be interchanged for adjustment of clutch back torque to each rider’s preference. The included pressure plate is all Hinson, so other aftermarket Ducati pressure plates will not work with this assembly.

Riding the Monster with the Hinson showed a dramatic difference in performance. The main benefit is the smooth and seamless downshifts the clutch helps provide that are so apparent you instantly feel like a better rider. Clutch chatter is virtually eliminated, allowing for superior braking control, so we are able to enter corners at higher and yet more controlled speeds. The bike is more settled on the corner entrance allowing us to better set-up for a nice drive through the turns. The benefits were validated with confidence inspiring street rides and improved times during our track day.

Swapping the included flat washer springs, we were able to fully adjust our slipper. On one end of the spectrum we found very little engine braking; on the other found, there was much more engine braking. Finding a preference is entirely up to the individual rider preferences, but regardless of spring choice, the act of downshifting was greatly improved. Advanced riders will also find it much easier to back the Monster 1100 into corners. We actually experienced an epiphany while honing this skill with the most beautiful arched tire mark left on the entrance to turn two. The Hinson is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about performance.

Stay tuned as we continue to update our Ducati Monster.

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Hinson’s Ducati Application Chart:


>> 900 / 900 S / 900 Metallic / 900 Dark / 900
>> 1000 / 1000 S / 1000 Dark / 1000S
>> S2R 1000
>> S4 / S4R / S4Rs / S4R / S4R S
>> 1100


>> ST2
>> ST3
>> ST4 / ST4S / ST4S ABS


>> 748 / 748 S / 748 R / 748 SPS /748 STR. / 748 S.P. / 748 BIP
>> 749 / 749 S / 749 R / 749 SPS / 749 Dark
>> 916 SPS / 916 STR. / 916 S / 916 S.P. / 916 BIP
>> 996 / 996 S / 996 R / 996 SPS / 996 SPS III / 996 BIP / 996 STR
>> 998 / 998 S / 998 R / 998S FE / 998 Matrix
>> 999 / 999 S / 999 R / 999 R Xerox / 999 S AMA
>> 1098 / 1098 S / 1098 S Tricolore


>> 900 i.e.
>> 900 Sport / 900
>> MH900e
>> 1000 / 1000 DS / 1000 S DS


>> 1000 DS / 1000s DS


>> PaulSmart 1000LE
>> Sport 1000


>> 1100 / 1100s