2010 AGV Sport products in retailers late in 2009

AGV Sports Group, Inc., one of the oldest-owned and operated apparel companies in the motorcycle industry, is announcing that a long term and exclusive licensing agreement has been signed with El Cajon based Motonation. AGV Sport and Motonation believe that this strategic alliance and partnership will benefit both companies and allow for rapid development of new products for the US market.

AGV Sport believed strongly that Motonation was the right choice for the future of this historic brand and to extend its 25 year commitment to producing technically superior products. Motonation has a unique business model of marketing its exclusive product lines through committed partnerships with a limited number of select retailers combined with an aggressive promotional investment that enable the lines to grow in this competitive market.

Having its origin in the world of safety helmets gave AGV Sport a unique outlook in the apparel industry. Founded in 1985, AGV Sport sought to introduce more technical and functional features into motorcycle apparel instead of relying on traditional apparel designs of the time. AGV Sport products have consistently won best in class awards from numerous motorcycle publications around the world. AGV Sport provides motorcyclist with a line of both affordable entry level products as well as world class high end products some still hand crafted in Italy.  

Motonation is now hard at work on its 2010 AGV Sport product line which will start to show up at Motonation’s Partner retailers late in 2009.


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