New England Desmo Owners Club hosts summer events

In cooperation with Ducati North America, the New England Ducati Desmo Owners Club is proud to announce the inaugural Passport Rally.

Beginning July 3, interested participants can pick up a rally-specific passport at any northeastern Ducati dealership and start riding. This exciting rally is a great opportunity for Ducati owners and enthusiasts to obtain passport stamps at events and dealerships throughout New England.

The Passport Rally is open to all registered New England Desmo Owners Club members and up to three additional guest riders. Each participant is encouraged to visit at least five participating dealerships or events to gather passport stamps. Rally passport stamps can be obtained at each of the following events:

>> New England Desmo Owners Club Track Day – July 14

>> Maine European Motorcycle Enthusiasts Meet – July 23-26

>> Lars Anderson Tutto Italiano – August 2

>> New England Ducati Owners Club Picnic – August 16

>> Indy MotoGP – August 27-31

>> Lars Anderson European Motorcycle Day – September 13

>> Italian Motorcycle Owners Club Rally – September 13

The final event will be held September 19 at the Stratton Mountain Resort in Stratton, Vt. To gain entrance to the final Passport Rally event, riders must have at least five stamps from the various summer events or be a non-Ducati owner sponsored by a valid passport holder.

The Passport Rally will be an action packed day with demo rides available on the latest 2009 Ducati models and an exclusive visit to the Shelburne Museum motorcycle exhibit.

For event details, including dealerships stocking the rally passports, please visit