Isle of Man TTXGP makes history with world’s first Zero Carbon race

Today the TTXGP - the world's first Zero Carbon eGrandPrix - took place at 10:45am on the Isle of Man. The inaugural TTXGP is a clean-emission motorcycle race which forms part of the Isle of Man TT race programme for 2009 and plans are already afoot to take the race to the U.S and also bring the race back to the Isle of Man next year, with the added excitement of racing clean emission cars too.

The TTXGP will accelerate the use of clean emission technology in vehicles and provides the perfect platform for innovation in this area to advance into the next decade, with the added bonus of making the whole thing exciting, fun and competitive. Practice sessions earlier in the week have already proved that clean emission bikes have the capacity to deliver high speeds as well as covering longer distances. Team Agni, one of the leading competitors in this years TTXGP, managed to navigate the 37.7 mile Isle of Man TT Mountain Course in 26 minutes and 41 seconds, averaging 84MPH and hitting a top speed of 102 mph.


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