Hayden needs more time on the Ducati

Nicky Hayden is experiencing his toughest start to a MotoGP season.

Nicky Hayden Speaks...

"We can't do much in terms of preparing for the Grand Prix and this obviously isn't an easy period for me, but I have to think positive and continue to give it everything. That is my way of dealing with things and that is what I'll continue to do alongside my team. I'm looking forward to getting out there and racing again but I'm also looking forward to the test afterwards."

"I really need some testing and more time in the saddle. This year I'm really feeling the testing ban that has been brought in and I know it's the same for everybody but for me in particular I know I'd really benefit from some test time, so hopefully we can get some good work done in Barcelona that will help me take a step forward."

Work to improve Hayden's feeling with the Desmosedici GP9 has either come on a race weekend or via Ducati's test riders -the most recent test taking place last week in Mugello as Vittoriano Guareschi laboured with different settings. In previous seasons, Hayden would have had much more bike time in which to find his own solutions.

Top of the agenda for the post-race test will be analysis of new set-ups and electronic updates.



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