AMA road racer quotes from Road America

Aaron Yates Speaks... 6th place in race 1 & 3rd place in race 2

"That was a long, cold, wet race," said Yates. "We had a small chassis issue during the race thahung with me the whole time. We set the motorcycle up a little stiff, hoping the track would dry out, but it didn't work out that way. That made it challenging to ride in the full wet, as the bike was overly stiff. I'm happy to bring my Jordan Suzuki home in one piece and tomorrow we'll give it another go."

"It's really good to be back here on the podium," said Yates. "I got a bad start and just put my head down and rode hard for the rest of the race. I got up behind Blake but just couldn't get by him, as he's so fast down the straights. On the last lap I just threw it in there in the chicane and kind of parked it in front of him. I don't think he was expecting it and I guess he went down. It was great to put my Jordan Suzuki on the box, though, and a big thanks to my crew for getting the bike setup for today's race."

Geoff May Speaks... DQ in race 1 & 4th place in race 2

"I really had no idea I was penalized," said May. "I didn't think I jumped the start and visibility was so poor out there I just didn't see the AMA signals to pit in. Riding 170 mph down the straights in the rain requires your full attention and coupled with the spray, I just missed it. It's frustrating, but that's racing and I'm very motivated now for Race 2."

"We didn't nail the setup as well as we should have today," said May. "We never did a long run on the bike during the practice sessions and that really hurt us today as the laps mounted. The bike had a ton of grip early, but once everything warmed up, I just lost grip in the rear. The bike was sliding everywhere and I had to back off and just bring the National Guard Jordan Suzuki #54 home with some good points."

Ben Bostrom Speaks... 4th place in race 1 & 5th in race 2

"It was radical, honestly," Bostrom admitted afterwards. "The scary part is that one of the straights has a big bend in it with a wall on the outside and it's really gnarly. Fortunately I was on an R1 so it had great traction, and with the crossplane crank it was also very controllable. I feel like we have a winning machine and I never should be off the podium." Road racing team manager Tom Halverson added, "We do have a good bike and the team and riders know it, and we also have two riders who can win. Anywhere we go we have a real chance of winning, and the riders are fighting real hard to get there. It didn't go exactly like we wanted this weekend but we'll be fighting hard for the win at he next race at Laguna on July 4th weekend."

Larry Pegram Speaks... 4th place in race 1 & 1st place in race 2

"I told my guys we've got past Barber and Sears Point. Those are my two worst circuits and after finishing third at Sears Point I knew we could win anywhere else," commented Pegram. "The bike went well in the wet yesterday and I felt confident going into today's race."

"I got a good start and out-broke everyone into turn five," said Pegram in the press conference. "Once I made it out front I rode a good pace until Mladin caught me. I didn't want a four or five way battle come the last few laps so I had to stay on Mladin in order to gap the others. The Ducati was working better than the Suzuki over most the track so I just fought to keep Mat behind me. On the last few corners I kept telling myself to keep my head down and not screw it up! It feels so good to win on my own factory team. It's been a long time since we set started out in 2004, and my last Superbike win was at Willow Springs in 1999. To be able to do it on a factory Ducati, with the team I built means a lot to me. It hasn't fully set in yet but it feels so great."

Mat Mladin Speaks... 1st place in race 1 & 2nd place in race 2

"Obviously, it was a race with a lot of back and forth for the lead and in the end, we couldn't get it done. We rode hard on the Rockstar Makita Suzuki GSX-R1000 and that's all we could do today."

Tommy Hayden Speaks... 9th place in race 1 & 7th place in race 2

"I got a better start today and it was good to have a dry race. We've been struggling a bit all weekend, though it was definitely a better race today than yesterday. I did my fastest times all weekend in that race. But I've had a tough time this weekend and I feel like I've really had to work hard for every little bit of progress we made on the track. But we've got to keep on working on the bike and get back to where we need to be."

Blake Young Speaks... 5th place in race 1 & 8th place in race 2

"I got off to a really good start on my Rockstar Makita Suzuki GSX-R1000 and was running fourth for a little while. And I just kind sorted out the field and ended up in third for a little bit. I tried to keep my head down and watch the guys in front of me battling it out, and hoping they would make a mistake and I could get a little closer. But we ended up eighth and now we'll go to our next test and work on the bike from there."

Martin Cardenas Speaks... 3rd place in race 1 & 1st place in race 2

"Saturday's race was good for the championship though it was very tough to race in these conditions. Since the warm-up, there were two times when I almost crashed so I was a little bit scared. In the race, the track was very slippery, so at the beginning some guys came by me and I tried to stay with them - some I could stay with, some I could not - and I tried to stay in that rhythm and try not to lose as many positions as I could... (Toward the end of the race), I tried to do two laps as fast as I could to try and gain some positions and that worked and I ended up on the podium so I'm happy with that result. "On Sunday, the race went down to the last corner. I was trying to make a good lap and get the win. I made a good run out of the turn and it turned out I could win. Today, especially, my M4 Suzuki GSX-R600 was very fast and it helped me to win the race. I gave it everything I had and thank you to M4 Suzuki."

Jason DiSalvo Speaks... 3rd place in race 2

"We had a good start and the first opening laps were pretty exciting with Martin. We were kind of dicing around, but after the opening laps I had some trouble holding the draft down the straightaways and out of the slower corners. It was kind of a lonely race, I was just riding round and waiting for the guys in front of me to get together and for something to happen. But I had a great view of the battle up front, so it was a good race and I'm happy to get another podium. I'm grateful to M4 Suzuki and all the crew, they did a great job all weekend and it's good to be back on the podium."


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