Vermeulen and Capirossi get wet in Le Mans

Chris Vermeulen looked good from the start of Friday's MotoGP FP1 session in France and topped the leader-board during the early part of the outing. He appeared increasingly likely to better his best time of 1'36.301 - recorded during his 16 laps - but the weather intervened and he had to settle for fourth place.

Loris Capirossi was also making improvements and had just made several modifications to his bike - which he was sure would improve his ninth position - before he too was forced to head for shelter.

4th - Chris Vermeulen Speaks...

"It has been a good start to the first day here at Le Mans. Conditions were difficult as it was very cold and damp - not like what I've been used to back in Australia recently! I really enjoy it here, I've had success before and I'd love to repeat that this year. For a first session we've done pretty well and the bike seemed to be good straight out of the box. We've tried a few new things from the Factory on the electronics side and these seem to be working well. We want to try to get the most out of the tyres in all conditions so we experimented a bit with chassis and suspension set-up, but unfortunately due to the weather we didn't get the full hour to try everything. We just hope that tomorrow is dry so we can continue where we left off today."

9th - Loris Capirossi speaks...

"It has not been too bad today considering the conditions, but luckily I did get the opportunity to test two completely different settings on the bike. The first one was not perfect but the second one was definitely a lot better. I came in to make a couple more modifications that I'm sure would have helped, but the rain came and we couldn't test everything that we wanted to. I now hope it either stays dry tomorrow and race-day or it rains on both, because a mix of the two will be no good at all. We will just have to wait and see what happens!"



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