Husqvarna Factory Rider for a day

It’s not unusual for parents to share in the sporting pursuits of their children, but becoming a factory motorcycle racer at a major event is quite a unique feat… even if your factory contract only lasts for a day. Charles Mullins, Sr., may not be familiar on the GNCC starting line, but the friendly 48-year-old Hamilton, Ohio, resident just happens to be the father of the plenty familiar pro racer Charlie Mullins, Jr. Through his father’s guidance and sacrifice, Charlie has excelled at the top ranks of today’s off-road racing scene.

The elder Mullins is a lifelong rider who’s own father started him out an Indian enduro bike as a youngster. "I was lucky to have a father who shared his love of motorcycles with me and I wanted to do that for my boy, too," he explains. "Charlie Jr., and I have been riding together since he was five, but by 14 he has smoking me. That’s when he became interested in becoming a pro. I am extremely proud of his racing, but we still take the time to ride the trails together. That’s important to us."

Despite his own racing pedigree, one of the last things the senior Mullins expected was being chosen to be a Husqvarna Guest Factory Rider riding a new Husqvarna TXC450. "Growing up I rode with guys like Scott Summers, but I realized that I’d never be the kind of racer my buddies were. I also didn’t have any sponsors so money was tough."

As for his selection as Husqvarna’s Guest Factory Rider, Mullins can only guess why he was chosen.

"I was a good rider back then – not great – so I’m not sure just how I was picked. Perhaps a friend of mine filled out the application in my behalf or maybe the decision had something to do with my son riding for the competition?"

Not so according to Husqvarna Sales & Marketing Manager Scot Harden. "Charles is the type of individual who exemplifies good, family-based motorcycling values. He’s been involved in our sport throughout his life and he’s a parent who has worked hard and sacrificed to help his son pursue his racing dreams," Harden adds. "For us, Charles Mullins, Sr., was an easy choice."

Regardless of what the decision making process was, Mullins is excited and motivated to do his best at GNCC Rd. 7 when he climbs aboard a Wyatt Seals tuned factory 450 Husky. "Being picked to ride is just icing on the cake. Husqvarna builds one hell of a bike so I can’t wait to get out there and show my son what I can STILL do on the track. I’m really stoked and I plan to have a great race," exclaims the senior Mullins. "Thank you, Husqvarna!"


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