Jacksonville Hosts Inaugural AMA Supercross Race

Jacksonville Becomes 5th Different City in Florida to Host AMA Supercross Racing.

With the inaugural Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, race headed to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium this Saturday, the city of Jacksonville will become the fifth different city in the state of Florida to host an AMA Supercross race. This weekend’s race also marks the 60th AMA Supercross race in the state of Florida.

Daytona was the first city in Florida in to host an AMA Supercross race back in 1974. In 1983 Orlando hosted its first race, and Ron Lechein won his first-ever AMA Supercross main event. In that same race in 1983 Bob Hannah, who led the points race heading into Orlando, broke his wrist and the injury ended his championship hopes. From 1991-1996, Orlando was the site of the championship’s opening race.

In 1987, the city of Miami hosted its first-ever AMA Supercross race, and Ricky Johnson won the main event. Two years later in Miami, Johnson won the last AMA Supercross class main event of his career.

Tampa hosted its first AMA Supercross race in 1988 and Johnson won that race as well. The following year Daytona, Miami, and Tampa were all on the 1989 season schedule. In 1996, Jeremy McGrath swept all of the Florida races with wins in Daytona, Orlando, and Tampa.

Nine Different Riders Won Their First-Ever AMA Supercross Class Race in the State of Florida

1974: Pierre Karsmakers, Daytona, Yamaha

1976: Tony DiStefano, Daytona, Suzuki

1980: Rex Staten, Daytona, Yamaha

1983: Ron Lechein, Orlando, Yamaha

1987: Rick Ryan, Daytona, Honda

1993: Mike Kiedrowski, Daytona, Kawasaki

1994: Mike Craig, Tampa, Yamaha

1997: Ezra Lusk, Orlando, Yamaha

2000: Ricky Carmichael, Daytona, Kawasaki

Number of Starts Per Florida City

Daytona: 36

Orlando: 13

Tampa: 8

Miami: 2

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