2009 Indian Chief Motorcycle First Customer Delivery

First Customer Delivery of 2009 Indian Chief Motorcycle Occurs in Toledo.

Mark Moses, owner and general manager of Indian Motorcycle Charlotte, announced the first delivery of a 2009 Indian Chief motorcycle to long-time customer Dick Roe of Holland, Ohio, just outside Toledo.

The temperature was a face-numbing 3ºF on Saturday morning December 20, but both men managed a warm smile as the top-of-the-line cream & burgundy Indian Chief Vintage was rolled off the delivery trailer by Mark Moses and presented to Mr. Roe, who is owner of Crissey Auto Auction in Toledo.

"Naturally, I'm thrilled to own the very first of this new generation Indian Chief" said Mr. Roe. "I've been riding for nearly fifty years and have a great deal of respect for the Indian brand. I've owned several Indian Chiefs over the years and they are wonderful, beautiful machines" he added. "I took a test drive in October at Indian Motorcycle Charlotte and this one is the best Indian yet."

For Toledo native Mark Moses, the delivery coincided perfectly with the Christmas holiday, since he and his family had planned to spend the holiday with relatives in Toledo. "We're very pleased to be the first Indian dealership in the world and very happy that Dick Roe was our first delivery."

While classic styling elements have been retained, the 2009 Indian Chiefs are all new, with virtually no parts interchangeable with previous Indian motorcycles. Indian Motorcycle was founded in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and is recognized as America's First Motorcycle.

The new Indian Motorcycle Company is located at Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Three long years were spent in engineering and development of the all-new Indian Chief, with a singular focus on excellence and durability. As a high-end premium cruiser, production numbers will be limited to maintain exclusivity.

Indian Motorcycle Charlotte can be found at www.indianmotorcyclecharlotte.com.





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