Scouting The Alps Extreme with Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours

Scouting The Alps Extreme with Edelweiss Motorcycle Tours.

Edelweiss Bike Travel offers motorcycle tours all over the world. They did start in the Austrian Alps 28 years ago, which is one of the most attractive motorcycle regions on the planet! Now, they are proposing a completely different approach, which they call SCOUTING THE ALPS EXTREME, which means: Ride the passes, rest on top!

Werner Wachter, the founder and owner of the company is an enthusiast and loves to ride these mountain passes, just outside his door in Mieming near Innsbruck in Austria. He says:

"In the last 28 years we did see areas, routes, mountain huts, where we wanted, but did not dare to go because of riding and lodging conditions, we thought they were too tough for our customers from around the world. We know there are riders, who have toured with us in the last 28 years, who did see those bigger challenges while on a High Alpine Tour with us just the same as we did. Well, here we go! We have designed a Scouting Tour that meets all these longings: Tough riding, long days, challenging roads, riding up to the top and spending the nights in mountain chalets above the tree line where the view is unobstructed to the glaciers, the pastures and the moon and the stars.

We are therefore proposing to all who love to ride hard, to join us on an extraordinary tour through Tyrol. Starting in Munich, Germany, diving into Austria’s Tyrol, riding further south into South Tyrol in Italy and than back through Eastern Tyrol in Austria, to Munich.

We will do famous alpine passes and than hidden, very narrow, very challenging passes, that you have never seen or known about before. We will stay in alpine pastures in mountain huts, which will not have the usual Edelweiss Standard, but a lot of local flair and fantastic alpine cuisine. We will ride with a lot of Europeans, who can join this tour just for a weekend or for its entire length. We will breath the alpine air and the history of its people as we have never done before."

The tour can be booked in two versions: June 13-21 or June 11-22, 2009.

Wachter says: "Yes, I am definitely riding the twisties and passes and sleep on top in June. I hope you can join us!"

If you do, look it up in the web: