Pirelli Provides Winning Price, Contingency and Motorcycle Tire

Pirelli Provides a Winning Price Point, a Winning Contingency, and a Winning Motorcycle Tire.

Following two years of total domination of the Daytona 200, Pirelli now provides privateers with a contingency program with performance that’s comparable to its race-winning tires.

Pirelli’s all-new contingency program includes an expanded payout period to 24 months, ensuring that all racers will have the opportunity to use the tires they earn. That’s four times as long as last year. And for 2009 the speed of payout has been increased, ensuring quick returns to meet the grid schedules of dedicated racers.

Each racer registered for Pirelli’s contingency program will receive a re-loadable AmEx debit card, instead of individual award cards. To qualify for this program racers must create a profile on Pirelli’s contingency website: http://www.us.pirelli.com/web/motorcycle/racing/road-racing-contingency/default.page. Racers already enrolled do not need to reregister.

Pirelli’s contingency is offered in every recognized racing series across America, and it pays through 3rd-place for races with a minimum of only eight starters, and through the top five with races having ten or more starting motorcycles. And once again, Pirelli is the sponsor of the WERA Sportsman Series

Adding to this news is the highly competitive price of the highly competitive Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro, priced now per set starting at $299.

And don’t forget, to support the Pirelli community Pirelli now has an online forum for Pirelli racers and track day riders: www.diabloracer.com.




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