MotoVentures | Off-Road Motorcycle Training

New Training Facility.

TCX Boots, premium on- and off-road motorcycle footwear imported from Italy by Helmet House, is sponsoring MotoVentures, a premier dirt-oriented touring, adventure, and training company based in Southern California.

“We couldn’t offer our services without their product support,” says MotoVentures President Gary LaPlante. “Now, they’re the exclusive US Distributor for TCX boots and sponsor us with a huge inventory of great looking, state-of-the-art boots, making our riding gear inventory completely up to date. HJC provides us with all the helmets we need, Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Thor supply our pants, jerseys and gloves, Smith gives us goggles, and EVS provides the pads. So, rest-assured, when you ride with MotoVentures we’ve got you well-covered from head to toe.”

“Many MotoVentures customers are beginners who do not have a bike, knowledge, or the riding gear that is necessary,” Mark Gandy, Director of Products at Helmet House says. “MotoVentures will make sure they get the best first impressions of our new TCX boots. Not only that, MotoVentures wide variety of customers will provide another great proving ground for our boots and generate some great feedback too.”

MotoVentures TCX boot inventory includes all TCX off-road boot models-Comp Kid, Space, FCS Combat, and Pro-2, in all sizes, from 3 to 14. MotoVentures also utilizes the hi-traction sole TCX Terrain trials boot for its trials riding customers.

MotoVentures has recently opened a new training center at Barona Oaks Raceway.

The facility is about a half-hour northeast of San Diego, and five minutes from Barona Valley Ranch and Casino. MotoVentures’ Barona Oaks Rider Training Center features large and dedicated training areas, complete with native California Oaks providing shade and plenty of appropriate challenges for beginners through intermediates. Barona also features two motocross tracks, riding areas with rocks, logs and other challenging obstacles for trials riders, as well as dirt roads and traditional trails.

“We appreciate MotoVentures completely professional approach to motorcycle adventures,” says Barona Oaks Raceway’s, Dayton Banegas. “They provide everything; bikes, gear, meals, instructors, etc., and we’re happy to provide the site. I’m looking forward to their positive impact on the local community of kids who need a good physical activity like dirt bike riding that’s also great for the whole family.”