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Motorcycles Frozen In Time.

We were riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun setting pale orange through the rolling fog bank. It was cold and my hands were well past numb. I was 19 and had just ridden my Honda Scrambler 160 up the coast from Los Angeles. Each time a semi-truck passed, the wind swelled, sending us sliding sideways toward the railing that separated us from the churning sea 300 feet below. It didn't matter. With each passing juggernaut of the road, her arms encircling my waist gripped tighter.

All this came rushing back to me when I saw “With Eyes Shut,” the old motorcycle poster that helped launch Vintage Arte, a purveyor of high-quality posters based in a refurbished barn in Santa Barbara, California. The provocative image depicts a laughing woman riding a motorcycle, eyes covered with a blindfold. The man behind her has her gripped at the waist. Her skirt is blown up suggestively at the knees.

It is just one of dozens of colorful graphic and vintage photographic motorcycle posters produced by the Giclée printing process, an original graphic technique that delivers a super fine

stream of ink very quickly, applying more than four million droplets per second to heavy acid-free archival paper that lasts a lifetime. Because no screens are used, resolution is greater and colors more dynamic. Each print is then hand-numbered and embossed. (Click image to enlarge)

Vintage Arte offers a wide array of motorcycling images, from classic European bike advertisements and the officially licensed Harley-Davidson series of 20 handsome prints, to the Racer X collection of vintage motocross placards.

Available in three sizes, unframed prints and framed are available upon request. Prominently hung in home or office, these powerful images will transport you back to your own best motorcycling memories.




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